Nike- Mythology and Reality Class

I leave the girls. They entered a domain that I do not understand. Boyfriends, boys, dating, and dances- mean nothing to me. The only reason I know dance is because of my power, I can dance to anything, but it is still lonely.

“Wow, what a cute fox!” A voice before me says, making me look up.

“Umm, thanks, his name is Kasumi,” I put on a smile for the girl who spoke.

“Cute,” the girl replies and runs off.

My walk to my room becomes longer; there are many faces of students of boys and girls. Some stare, some wave, some talk, and some focus intensively on Kasumi. When I finally reach my room, I lock the door behind myself and slide down against it, hyperventilating.

Kasumi comes back to my lap and licks my arm. I cannot stop shaking. I have never been around this many people. Three girls got too much fast, how will I survive the seven classes? My heart rate increases, yes, tomorrow will be horrible.

It doesn’t take long for me to fall asleep because my anxiety made me pass out. In the morning, Kasumi wraps himself around my neck and sends me good thoughts. My fear of students and teachers did not disappear.

I walk down the halls of the academy, getting lost twice. But I finally reach my “Mythology and Reality Class.”

The teacher is distracted and doesn’t introduce me to the class, just tells me where to sit. I don’t mind, my mouth is so dry, I wouldn’t have been able to introduce myself at all.

“Today is a difficult day and we will focus on Reality,” he starts.

The student all sit up, curious, peeking my own interest.

“A young witch, who just entered her powers have been found murdered,” he continued.

Shocked noises escape the student mouths. Some have sparks flying out of their fingertips.

“The brotherhood is sending a message that it still exists to destroy us,” he drops the bomb on us.

The brotherhood…

Kasumi growls at the news.

“The brotherhood consists of witches and humans. The witches and wizards enhance the human weapons and therefore are able to kill us. The girl was found with a gunshot wound to her chest, spewing magic properties. They are resurfacing, reason unknown. Therefore, new rules are put into effect!” His voice rises.

“No magic to be used on other students, but you know this,” he nods. “And no magic to be used after 9:00 PM. You are to not roam the halls at the time; you are to travel in groups. If you do not have a group, join one.”

He looks directly at me.

“Humans cannot enter our academy, other witches and wizards can, be on your guard and report suspicious activity. Now, onto more on the brotherhood.” 

The End

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