Akiko gets in trouble.

I look at the new girl and see one of the most beautiful familiars at her side a white silver fox.  “Your familiar is so beautiful, it suits you. Doesn’t it Kai? Kai?”

I stopped in my tracks and I said “ I forgot Kai,” then at the realization at what I just said, I said it a bit louder not being able to believe that I just forgot.

Kuro looks at me so confused “Akiko, what do you mean?”

Tears begin forming in my eyes “ I forgot KAI!!!! I can’t believe I forgot Kai”

The new girl asks “Who is Kai? Her boyfriend?”

“As if I would get a boyfriend, as if I could get a boyfriend” then remember my mother’s words ‘you will never be able to be my daughter, ugly duckling.’

Tsuki  asks “Akiko how can you forget a familiar? I mean is that even possible?”

Kuro  and the new girl starts laughing “Why are you laughing its not funny.” I said in a funny voice which makes me laugh until I realize that I am laughing at my own stupidity and how I have to go find Kai.

Kuro stops laughing and says “Well nothing is impossible for Akiko.”

I give her my mild angry glare, “Kuro what is that supposed to mean?”

Kuro smiles at me and says “It’s a compliment Akiko you can achieve more than us normal witches.

I smile and say “Of course I can, I am not a goodie two shoes. Talking about not being a goodie two shoes I should probably return those two overdue books to the library. ”

Tsuki  just nods her head, the new girl says “aren’t we not supposed to do that?” Kuro looks at the new girl and says “we can’t but Akiko can, I don’t know how she does it but she always gets away with it.”

I said “You probably can’t Kuro because you are stuck in one dimension, and don’t think about what would happen if you tried out something new.”

Tsuki asks “ What about Kai?”

I reply “He’ll find me, he always does and he’s probably used to it right now. It’s the fifth time this week.”

They all gasp at me. The all look at each other in shock. I smile we seem to be getting along, we might be good friends newbie. After all the girls are done feeling shocked they look at their familiar, and both the new girls familiar looks at her and says “To forget her familiar, please don’t follow her example.” She simply shakes her head. She seems a bit shy, I wonder why?

My mind started to think about other thing and I don’t see where I am walking until I bump into a rock.

“Ouch! Why is there a rock in the academy?”

“He is not a rock.” Kuro says, I think.

Angrily I look above me as I say “Wizard can’t you even see where …. Kai, my baby.”

Kai looks angrily at me and says “you forgot about me again didn’t you?”

“No of course not why would I do that.” I say sweetly.

“Just like you didn’t forget me, the other 10 times this week.” Says Kai.

Kuro says shocked “Akiko you said you forgot him 6 times, but 10.”

Suddenly a voice behind me says “If you want Kai, then I will have him.”

I didn’t realize that Kai was on a person shoulder.

“Ok why not?” said Kai, I look at Kai “What!!! Kai you can’t go off with this stranger.”

“Why not? If you always forget me.” I look at Kai shocked and angrily I reply “Well, it’s not forgetting if you leave.”

The mysterious stranger with Black hair and sapphire eyes said “I will give you Kai back if you go to the dance with me?”

My friends just giggle. Oh dear.

I think of a way to keep Kai and go to the dance with my friends.

“I don’t know how to dance.” I lie.

“Then I will teach you, and Kai told me that you have a habit of forgetting things so I will keep Kai until we leave the dance together.” He says in a silky voice.

Realizing the situation I was in I reply “But the dance is 2 weeks away.”

He smiles and replies “I know.”

Angrily I reply “THAT’S BLACKMAIL!”

Still smiling he replies “Call it whatever you like; if you aren’t my date then I will keep Kai forever.”

I smile and say “All right I will go to the dance with you.”

“Excellent” He says as he leaves.

“Kai” I murmur softly.

Kuro looks shocked “Akiko do you know who he is?”

I replied “Yeah, why?”

Kuro looks even more shocked “ He’s the dueling master of the school and one of the top students. His name is Katsu  Maki.”

I reply "So...?"

Kuro looks like she can't believe me "Any witch would go to the dance with him."

I reply again "So why didn't he ask someone else? Couldn't he simply ask someone else?"

Tsuki says "WOW! You are unbelievable. He likes you."

I am shocked and laugh "What.. that's impossible?"

Kuro replies "Not that impossible it seems."

The End

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