Nike: What familiars talk about

The door opens, revealing a room full of dust.

I turn on the lights and both of us stare. There are two beds, and a dresser. My two suitcases are sitting in the middle of the room surrounded by spiders and their webs.

“Guess, it is safe to say that I do not have a roommate,” I gulp. “Sweet broomsticks!”

Kasumi walks in first, followed by Dai.

“Just spiders’ dear, you’re used to them,” she says and growls.

The spiders all scatter out the open window.

“They won’t be back,” Kasumi says. “Use your wand to clean this place up so Kuro can show us where to get food. You have two hungry familiars over here.”

Dropping the books on the floor is easy, but taking out my wand from my sleeve while sneezing is hard. When I finally have it out, I twirl it above my head; say the incantation and watch the room clean itself. A minute later, it is like we are completely in a different room.

“Nicely done,” Kuro says. “Your wand matches your hair.”

“That happened after I finished making it,” I shrug. “Let’s go feed our friends.”

“Right,” Kuro drops her pile on the nearest bed and we walk out.

I lock the door in time to hear two voices. Pocketing the keys, I turn around and watch the two approaching girls. One girl has dark purple hair with violet eyes. The other has short orange hair, and forest green eyes, and shorter than the first girl.

“Hey Kuro!” The purple head speaks. “Who’s the girl?”

I blink.

“Tsuki, this is Nike Tachibana, just joined our academy today,” Kuro says in disapproval.

I hope the disapproval is towards Tsuki and not my joining.

“Nike, this is Tsuki and Akiko, my two best friends. They are first years,” Kuro introduces. Then she leans in close and whispers, “don’t use your magic on them.”

I blush. “I won’t.” I smile at the girls. “Nice to meet you, you call call me Nike. Kuro is about to show me where we can get food, you girls want to join us?”

“Sure!” Akiko exclaims. “Tell us all about you!”

Her lively attitude surprises me because there is something behind her eyes. She’s acting, which makes me uncomfortable.

“Nothing to tell,” I reply and motion for Kuro to lead.

We walk in silence until Kuro clears her throat. “So, umm Kasumi. What are you two talking about down there?”

The girls jump in surprise. I guess they were focused too much on me to notice my boy.

“Food, rats, and you,” Kasumi replies in his usual calm tone.

“Me?” Kuro asks.

“Yes,” Kasumi sits down on the ground, making us stop. “Dai tells me that he has been ready to speak to you for weeks but your mind has been preoccupied with the divination, someone with purple eyes, and homework. If you want to make your connection to him stronger, you will need to make room in your mind for him.”

Kuro looks possibly ashamed and hangs her head. She kneels down and picks up Dai. Dai starts purring and licks her nose.

“He loves you,” Kasumi says. “Which is why you need to buy him some salmon right now and for me, the messenger.”

Typical Kasumi. 

The End

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