Nike: The headmaster

Relief washes over me as Kuro tries to understand the situation.

“Nike went through an ordeal when she was young,” Kasumi says from his spot by my legs. “Her mother forbade her from making friends. The only friend she has is me; please she was just trying to see if you are a good person. She doesn’t want to feel hurt again.”

I blush from the bluntness of my familiar.

Kuro sighs. “Call me Kuro. Let’s start the tour with the library.”

I smile. “Thank you. You can call me Nike.”

I follow Kuro down the pass. Kasumi walks next to the cat. They are holding a silent conversation, I think. I ignore them and take the time to think about my actions. I have hurt the first girl I met, only because I was afraid. Kuro doesn’t know just how much of a charismatic girl she is, I hate charismatic girls. The last girl took away my father. To this day, I still do not know where the body is buried of the woman I’ve killed with my first song.

When we enter a long hallway, Kuro walks into a male student.

“Miss Hayashi, you should look where you’re going. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you with your head in the clouds,” the young man says. He has red hair and purple eyes. Typical for a wizard.

“I apologize, Headmaster Himura. I’ve been thinking about the tour I am giving to the new student,” Kuro hangs her head. Is she blushing?

“Ah, of course, the new student. I’ve known your father,” Mr. Himura says.

I swallow, my fingers curl into a fist. “I am sure you did, he was a known wizard.”

“Of course,” he replies. “Make sure to not run in the halls.” He then leaves with us watching his back.

Kuro’s eyes linger longer on his back, making me curious.

“So, the library? Do they have a lot of books on potions and combat?” I ask.

“Oh, oh yes,” Kuro’s head turns to look at me. “This way, and we should definitely not run.”

“Yes,” I agree, not knowing what else to say. Kuro seems to be back in her own world. First time it was my fault, and the second time, the headmasters.

“The librarian is strict, don’t forget to return the books you borrow, or punishment will be severe. After you meet the librarian and get your books, I’ll show you your room. What is your room number?” Kuro asks, absently.

“230,” I reply, thinking back to the conversation in the headmistress’s office.

“Great, after we deposit your books, I will show you the cafeteria and so on,” Kuro says.

I follow her, the familiars close behind. 

The End

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