Nike: The only way I know how

“Remember to be respectful to Kadae Moto, she is your headmistress,” my mother says for the third time. “Try not using your voice for manipulation but for spewing all the knowledge I gave you. Your homeschooling education is much higher, remember that.”

“Yes, mother,” I reply and pull close Kasumi, my white fox.

We step through the barrier and are greeted by a stern woman.

“Welcome Nike, this is Wisteria the Academy for the Witches and Wizards, I am the headmistress Kadae Moto,” the woman has long blonde hair, emerald blue eyes, peach skin tone, a long purple cape and a violet gown. Great.

“Thank you,” I acknowledge her greeting.

“I will see you later, Kara,” the headmistress nods towards my mother whom bows and disappears.

“How long have you had your talents, dear?” Miss Moto asks me, now with a soft smile.

“Since eleven,” I reply and follow her to the grounds.

“Your mother kept you to herself for many years. Have you had many friends?” Miss Moto continues prodding.

I fix my sunflower in my long white hair. “My father left us when I was eleven, she wanted me close.”

Over the next ten minutes, Miss Moto tells me the rules of the school. When a girl by the name of Kuro interrupts, I feel relieve wash over me.

Kuro looks to be an easygoing kind of girl, yet very studious. Her long hair reminds me of sapphire and her blue eyes of the ocean, which I have rarely seen.

I watch the cat come around and get scared of Kasumi.

“Sorry.” Kuro blushed, “He’s usually not like this.”

“That’s okay.” I reply, “It’s probably because of Kasumi.”

Kasumi stepped out from beneath the desk, sniffing with a regal air.

I tune out as I watch my familiars white fur. Oh, how I wish to just rest from my mother’s constant nagging, but looks like here, there’s nagging of a different kind.

Kuro and I leave the office.

“So, umm I wonder what I should show you first?” Kuro thinks out loud.

“How about with magic?” I ask and smile. “I haven’t ever met a witch of my generation. I am curious to see your magic. I hope my asking you to show me is not rude.”

Kuro looks taken a back and her cat looks curiously at me.

“Nike,” Kasumi warns.

“What?” I ask my familiar. “I only ever use it to protect us.”

While Kuro was putting two and two together, I opened my mouth and sang a couple of notes putting her familiar and the girl into a trance.

“This is the only way I know how to communicate,” I whisper. 

The End

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