Tsuki~ Missions Accomplished

   "You what?"

   Kuro kept her head down. "Well. . ."

   Tsuki sighed in exasperation. The other night, both Akiko and Kuro had risked their lives by crossing the River Mists to save Kai and get Akiko's wand. It was an extremely dangerous feat, for most people that crossed the Mists didn't come back alive.

   "Never mind. The good thing is that everyone made it back safe," Tsuki said, hugging both of her friends.

   "I'm sorry," Akiko said as she hugged back. "I didn't mean to cause everybody so much trouble. It just. . . called to me. I had to do it."

   Tsuki nodded in understanding and Kuro said, "It's fine. We understand how it feels." Kuro and Tsuki had both found their wands some time ago, but Akiko had been having trouble with finding hers.

   A woman cleared her throat behind them. Akiko turned around and cringed. Oh. . . H-hello, Headmistress."

   The Headmistress nodded in acknowledgement. "Hello, Akiko, Tsuki. Nice seeing you again, Kuro. Mind if I see you two in my office?" She motioned to Kuro and Akiko, who looked at each other and swallowed.

   "Um. . . sure," Kuro replied unsteadily.

   Tsuki watched the two of them follow the Headmistress into her office. Despite being assured time and time again that Akiko and Kuro were fine, Tsuki still couldn't help but wonder what exactly had happened the other night. She had a suspicious feeling that something big was about to happen, but what? . . .

The End

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