Mysterious Sounds

“Pumpkin shit” I murmur in frustration while I kick a rock. “Kiko,” “Don’t Kiko me,” I grab another one and throw it.

“Why can’t I just wish something and poof, and have it just land in my hand. Why can’t it just be that easy?”

“Akiko, you know thing just can’t be that easy.” I look at him and ask “Why not, why can’t things ever be easy?”

“I don’t know Akiko; I don’t have all the answers. And plus the easy thing is never…”  I have heard this before “the easy thing is never the right thing to do, blah, blah, blah. I have this a million times for you.” 

He stops walking along side me and replies “I am sure I haven’t said that a million times Akiko.”  “You’re impossible.”

I continue walking and Kai sais “Akiko, didn’t you heard something” “ No I didn’t hear anything now come with me Kai,” I turn around and I get a glimpse of his tail behind a tree “Kai.” He didn’t seem to hear and I decide to follow him.

And it seems as if though that every step I took I felt being taken in against my will, I wanted to escape but I needed to get Kai first.

What I was hearing was music, but of the magical sort. The type of music that can enchant anything. Kuro talked about how she had seen a elf or a fairy enchant s flower so then it would give the person its jewel of life, and once removed it can took the flowers life.

I saw the person playing the musical flute while sitting down on a rock, he seemed tall or of average build, had long black hair and grey eyes.

I gasp and the music stops “Takeshi” “Akiko” we manage to say at the same time. “What are you doing here?” I ask, he chuckles and sais “I could ask you the same thing Fair Lady.”

“Yes, you could but there will be a difference.” Pause for effect “I wouldn’t answer your question.” He smiles; I think that smile just drives girls bonkers. Too bad he’s my brother and that would be just gross, no thanks.

“I suppose you would have to but I’d still ask anyways.” I sit down on a nearby rock and say “Well, it’s none of your business but if you simply must know. I was looking for something.”

That seems to get his attention, “What were you looking for, perhaps I can be of assistance.” “Maybe,” I reply “or maybe not. I something I can only hear but I don’t have the slightest idea where to find it.”

He smiles “A tree perhaps?”  I looked at him with awe “How did you know?” He smiles “Do you really want to know?” 

“Yes, I do.” He sighs “Promise not to hit me.” I look at him weirdly but don’t bother to ask “I promise not to hit you.”  He nods “The principal assigned me to help you complete your task to find a wand, because she knew that you would have difficulty with this task.”

I went through 3 stages: 1- Shock and repeating everything he said twice. 2- Disbelief that the principal would trust me on the first major assignment of the semester.  3- Angry and myself because this task was the hardest, and I haven’t been able to achieve it.

I wanted to hit someone or something. I promised him that I wouldn’t so I grab a rock and throw it at the foggy river.

And the rock jumped four times and each time the fog cleared and you could see that there was a patch of land in which there was a tree blossoming with white-reddish flowers. I felt drawn in towards the tree.

Maybe it wasn’t the music that drew me in but the tree. Could it be the tree I am looking for? I started to unconsciously move toward the lake. “No” Takeshi screamed and pulled me to him. Weird I never felt him come closer.  It seemed to take me out of my trance.

“Akiko you must never touch that water,” “Why not?” He lets me go and looks down as if he didn’t want to tell me but he looks in my eyes and sais “There are countless stories about people who tried to cross the river and none have returned.”

He pulls me into arms length and sais “Promise me you won’t go into the water.” I look up at him take a deep breath and as I am about to promise he sais “damn it.” “What?” I say as I turn around to face the river and I see Kai on the other side “Kai” I scream.

He raises his wand and tries a spell “Trὶeze” I remember that spell it’s like a, bring it to me spell  which is one of the basic spell they have taught us and it seems to work but only managed to lift Kai of the ground and then falls back down.  

I knew what I needed to do, “Takeshi, why don’t you go get help while I stay here?” He looks at me thoughtfully as if doubting my intensions.  

He grunts and says “Fine but stays here don’t move a muscle.” “Ok” I reply innocently. “Promise me you won’t take a step.” He says threatening, “I won’t” I reply.

“I’ll be here soon with the headmistress,” he says before he starts to run into the forest, as soon as he is out of sight. I remove my cape so then once I come back I will know exactly where I stood so then he believes I actually listened to him.

I quickly transformed into one of my favorite animals to transform into a gray hawk, but since my hair is red it affects my transformation and changed any color of the animal.

I flew across the lake without much difficultly and once I was close enough to step in the island I did making sure I didn’t touch the water.

“Kiko” Kai yells and he’s running towards me suddenly a voice said “Welcome Minami,” I look around to see who is speaking I see no one. “Who are you?” I ask my voice cracking, “Are you sure you don’t already know?” he asks. “Tree?” I say “Yes, my lady” it says with his voice full of warmth “I have something you’re looking for.”

“My wand?” I say my voice full of excitement, “No I don’t, the wand is an object that a witch or a wizard makes on their own.” I feel really disappointed but he continues saying “I have the wood that has been calling for you and a gift from one of your ancestors with me.”

“Really what is it and who is it from?” “Child you will find out soon enough.”    

The End

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