Kuro: Beach

Kuro fanned herself, trying to keep the sun out of her eyes. 

She was at the beach with Akiko and Tsuki, the three of them deciding in unison that they needed a break from school. And what with all of the craziness going on, a chance to relax was just what the doctor ordered. The proverbial doctor, of course. 

Akiko was wearing a t-shirt over her swimsuit. Probably to hide the scars.

Kuro felt a pang of concern. Something was horribly wrong. It only made it infinitely worse that it happened to someone like Akiko. She'd tried to reassure her, but Kuro had no idea what the scars meant, or why they'd appeared.... 

The scars, the prophecy...things were getting stranger by the minute.

She needed to do some research.

The sun shining in her face pulled her out of her thoughts.

It took a second for her to remember exactly what advantages  a witch had before she called a wispy cloud to float above her head and a gust of wind to circulate around her chair. That was much, much better. 

Until someone tried to splash her by sending a stream of water dangerously close to her face. 

Kuro held up a hand and the air circulating around her shot out to meet the wave, sending it back to its owner and nearly bowling her over. Whoopsie. 

Tsuki spluttered a moment before laughing at the hilarity of the situation. She stood and put her hands on her hips, looking incredulous. 

"Come on, Kuro! Why won't you hop into the water?! It's so refreshing!"

Kuro looked at Tsuki and then the water and back again. She looked to be thinking a moment before returning to the thick novel in her hands.

"Bah. I'm telling you now, Ocean + Kuro = Disaster with a capital 'D'." 

Tsuki shrugged, muttering a 'suit yourself' before joining Akiko in the rolling clear waters. 

The disaster thing was true. When she was younger, very young in fact, a trip to the beach had resulted in a bit of a tsunami. 

Bit meaning totally catastrophic and deadly to who knows how many people. 

That was when her dad decided to get lots of meds to try and relieve her 'disease'. 

All that did was make things worse. At first it was only wind and rain that she changed, but then suddenly earthquakes and volcanoes and droughts and terrible things were happening because of whatever tantrum she decided to throw.

But now she had learned how to pinpoint everything, become so precise that she could literally cause lightning to hit a target. 

She couldn't even swim if she really wanted to that day, seeing as she'd simply worn a summery dress and a straw hat that almost hid her eyes. 

She was too pale anyways; even a bit of time in the sun could burn her like bacon. 

And sizzling was not fun. 

Neither was some of the schoolwork that had decided to be assigned, namely the 10, 000-word essay on War and Peace that was due in a week, one that had to relate each stage of the plot to a famous event in the world of sorcery.

Houdini's ninety-minute immersion in that coffin, or milk can escape, maybe the elephant vanishing trick...

How awfully exciting. 

She yawned and walked towards the ocean, the cloud trailing above her head. 

Wading a little couldn't hurt, could it? 

Kuro had been enjoying the feeling of the cool waters washing against her feet when she felt a familiar nudge against her leg.

"Dai! You rascal!"

She scooped him up, laughing.

He squirmed in her grasp and she realized he was gripping something in his mouth.

"What've you got, you little-"

Dai dropped it in her hand and she stared at it, entranced.

A single white petal.

The End

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