Akiko's Secret

“I still don't know what to do for the wand assignment," I whined "I am soo frustrated I mean there is not a little white light that sais in a sweet delicate voice follow me my sweet child.

 I will lead you to find that wand of yours that belong to you; I mean seriously why can't it be easy."

I cross my arms along my chest and put a pouty face, Kuro and Tsuki they sigh. Kuro sais "it isn't suppose to be easy you have to make sure what you have in a wand is completely something that can grow with you.”

If it was easy I wouldn't be complaining would I" I respond, "you complain about everything I heard someone was complaining about an assignment and I knew it was you."

As soon as I heard his voice I knew who he was he has been tormenting me each time he has a chance my dear half brother Takeshi.

 "I wish you stop following me like a creepy stalker you can leave know, I can go complain to my boyfriend about you" I responded.

 "Geez Kiko no need to be soo harsh I heard you needed help on an assignment so I decided to help you aren't I a good person," ya right buddy.

 "Very but I already asked Yuki to help me he agreed so you can leave now" he turned around I turned around and waved.

"Alright, later witches, Tsuki, Kuro," as soon as he left Kuro asks me “didn’t Yuki tell you it’s something to do by yourself.

“Shhh yes he did but I would rather tell him that his brother is helping than me doing it alone," I put a pouty face.

"Ok when the assignment due Kiko?" asked Tsuki I looked at my plate as I turned pale and said "Tomorrow."

 I plugged my ears so I wouldn't be able to hear the rest but I still heard it "WHAT? How could you Akiko, I mean it is an important assignment to find your wand but not only as an assignment but as your life as a witch what have you been doing during your breaks."

"Hanging out with Kai, and Katsu, also Yuki sometimes," they continue to glare/stare at me “how could you be so stupid, a wand is something a witch should carry with her at all time it isn’t something you can delay especially if your power is growing Akiko don’t be reckless.”

Then Kai said “I know continue telling her Tsuki she won’t do anything I told her she’s just tired all the time I mean soo tired, sometimes I feel like she’s about to collapse, last night she wasn’t even in bed,” I plugged my ears because I knew it was definitely going to be louder than last time.

“WHAT,  AKIKO MINAMI how old are you like 12 you are not in Elementary school you are a witch you cannot be disrupting your studies for what, what are you doing at the time,” I still heard everything she said although I covered my ears “ I don’t know.”

They looked at me than Kuro asked me “than what have you been doing at all hours of the night?”

“I don’t know” I replied my eyes getting teary then Tsuki “well then Akiko how come you don’t know why don’t we talk about it,” she looks around and sais “in a more private place.”

  I simply nod my head and we go to our dormitories or our lairs well that’s how the wizards call it.

I sit on my bed and curl up with my pillow and grab my pj, and I show them the scraps on my pajamas and go to the bathroom to remove the tights and switch my shirt with a tank top.

When I walk out of the bathroom, they just stare I know what they are staring at the scars.

Kai he started to nudge me and said “what, why, what, who did this to you,” I picked him up and curled him in my chest “I didn’t know, why didn’t you tell me.”

“It’s ok, it’s ok don’t worry Kai I’m fine,” then Kuro sais “how did you get those,” “I don’t know I just go to sleep and wake up with dirt on my pajamas and scars all over my body it has happened since I came here I have felt something weird about this place.”

Then Tsuki asked “weird like what?” I took a deep breath “weird like if I wouldn’t be able to continue to talk without a silent spell around us four because its information that I am not sure I can share with the world.”

Kai simply nods he knows that if I ever do something like this it is always for a reason.

I lower Kai onto the bed then I turn around and take off the tanktop I was wearing and I heard gasps.

 It was the worst scar that I have received one that goes from my right shoulder to my left lower back.

Kuro said “What the…. How did you get that…. Is it even possible to live with that I mean it goes across the spine its very dangerous.

“Yeah your right Kuro, an injury as severe as that is very dangerous how do we know that your back doesn’t have any implications on your spine” Tsuki the smart one said.

“I don’t know” I said quietly, the Kai kind of started barking/yelling at me “how come you don’t know, will you go to the nurse with it, this isn’t right.”

“How do we know what’s right and wrong when I am not a full witch, maybe its part of a sort-of transformation type thing,” I look hopefully to Tsuki and Kuro “it is normal right.”

They simply looked at each other and didn’t say anything; I knew that this was a bad sign.

Kuro notices my anxiousness and quickly sais “I don’t think its something you really need to worry about for every witch its different.”

I felt a little bit of comfort in her words but I wasn’t sure that she was telling me the truth.

I look down at Kai and think to myself.

 What’s wrong with me?

The End

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