Kuro: Books

Kuro sat, awake, in her room for the first time past eight-thirty. She was busy poring over the books she had gotten from the library, scanning over the yellowed pages.

The Variable Nature of Prophecy...Vision and Reality....Why the Crystal Ball Isn't Always Effective: An In-Depth Analysis of 21st Century Scrying....

She groaned in annoyance and flopped back onto her bed, defeated. Nothing had any specifics on what she had seen. 

The prophecy was probably a stupid daydream on her part, and she was suffering for it.

Kuro weaved her fingers through the air and the books floated out the door and back to the library, moving her arms back as Dai jumped onto the bed and curled up beside her. He looked at her with unblinking eyes, liquid green orbs in the soft lamplight. She ran her fingers over his silky fur and heaved another sigh.

Dai licked her face with his sandpaper tongue and hopped off the bed, pattering towards the window. She watched her familiar with mute curiosity, quickly turning to panic as he clambered up the curtains and balanced on the open window’s sill, looking at her with his glowing, penetrating eyes.

Kuro ran towards him but he leaped just as her fingers brushed his tail, disappearing into the night below. She considered jumping after him but, feeling an odd sense of calm wash over her, let the situation be and returned to bed. That nutty cat had done much worse, much later in the night. His own unexplored abilities were more than enough to keep his nine lives intact.

What was odd was that Dai had yet to speak to her. The two had a mental connection, an unspoken understanding, but that was much more different than the ways of other familiars. Everyone she’d asked only told her to give it time, and that she had. Perhaps her familiar just wasn’t much of a talker. Like her.

Chuckling and grimacing at her bizarre situation, Kuro rolled over and let a sweet sleep come to her, intent on calming her frayed nerves.

The End

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