Dangerous trouble and sweet forgiveness

"Leave" he said to Yuki, he looks shocked and scared at the same time. I continue to stare at him mouth wide open with my thoughts racing, Yuki quickly bows in a respectful way and leaves. Great, I don't know who would be better to be stuck with in a corner where no one can see us, me and Yuki or me and Katsu. I have no idea.

This was bad no it was more than bad it was dangerously frightening and exciting.

 "Hi," I said kind of shyly to Katsu because I don't know what else to say, Kai then curls on Katsu's leg. Katsu looks down and picks up Kai, he said "hey little guy, whats your name?" Kai is always shy at the beginning then looks at me and rubs his head against Katsu's leg.

He looks at me and asks "is he your familiar?"  "Yes, he is" "what's his name?"

I grab Kai, he climbs on to my shoulder "his name is Kai," he seemed sweet he didn't seem like a bad guy maybe my instincts were wrong he doesn’t seem that bad. I decided to just say what I needed to say "so, why did you make me your girlfriend?" I said it in a questioning tone and trying not to make it seem like a frightened one. "Didn't you say you liked me?"  Yeah, I did because you were well attractive I blushed and I looked down because I couldn't deny the fact that he was so dreamy and so attractive, I smile and look down and say "yes."

 I felt a hand softly run through my hair, and he pulled me closer to him he smelled like jasmine, I then asked him "why do you smell like a flower?"

He laughs and then looks at me sort of blushing sort of timid, "is it a bad thing that I smell like a flower," I look down to hide my laughter because I don't really think a guy that looks as powerful, and dangerous would smell sweet like a jasmine. I couldn't hold my laughter and I put my hand on his arm trying to avoid to fall on the ground laughing, I couldn't help it and begin laughing out loud. He looks at me weirdly and in a serious tone sais "are you making fun at me," I stopped laughing "I didn't expect you to smell like a flower, it was surprising," "is it a bad thing."

I can't believe that I thought he was a bad guy, I think he is just simply misunderstood.

The more time I spend with him the more I like him. I go and reach for his hair, it feels so soft I feel the side of his face and as I was about to kiss him I decided to kiss him on the cheek not too easy. As I leave the corner I turn to him and say "its not a bad thing, come on Kai." I leave Katsu in the corner and smile at the realization that he is my first boyfriend.

But I shouldn’t tell him that.

I begin to smile because I might actually be happy here I have Tsuki and Kuro, two annoying half brother but we sibling even though they don’t know it. I hope I don’t see my mother too often I don’t want the constant reminder that she abandoned me.

I slap the sides of my face no tears remember happy memories, it easier to say than to do.

I know I have the rest of the afternoon off until 3:00 I have this magical I don’t know class.

I want to see my father how is it going in his shop? Is he happy? Does he miss me?

I want to go see him but I can’t I will have to wait until tomorrow so I can have the most time possible when the barriers are low and won’t go up until nightfall.

“Kiko” I look to Kai “don’t forget about your assignment,” “Kai, you know I won’t forget about it if you’re here nagging me about it, right.” He smiles “but don’t forget” I simply nod my head and look down.

“Kai do you know a forbidden place for witches,” he gives me this wide eyed look he knows exactly what I’m thinking, “Kiko don’t even think about it, if we get caught were worm food.”

Bugs it makes me shiver bugs “but that’s why I won’t go with you and I won’t get caught,” and in his squeaky voice sais “WHAT, Kiko there’s no way in this magical kingdom that you are leaving me behind, I won’t let you.” He falls of my shoulder and bites my sock and tugs at it.

I begin to laugh “you’re so cute with your efforts to stop me but do you think it will really work.”  

Ahammm, I smiled and chuckled it seemed to be a yes “ok, ok I give I won’t go today but that won’t mean I won’t go another day with or without you got it. He let go and just stared and said “fine” I reached for kai and he bit me, I stared at him in shock and “you bit me” “yeah' he said in that tiny voice “why?” “You deserve it” “why” “you weren’t listening to me and weren’t going to follow the rules.”

“So you don’t want to come with me then” “no” and started walking the other way, “fine” I knew what trick he was doing and I wasn’t going to fall for it.

I barely even took a step and he came running screaming in his tiny voice “wait, wait, wait for me,”

This is how my and Kai relationship is like complicated but very sweet.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Later that night while Tsuki, Kai and Kuro where sleeping I decided to take a walk, because it would be better for all of them not to know what I was doing at this time.

The End

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