I left the class with a bit of a disappointment; I had to make something that I didn’t have a clue how to make it. I look at Kai to give me maybe a sense of hope?

Kai said “don’t look at me Kiko, you have a problem, and when there’s” and together we say “there is always a solution.” He simply rolls his eyes, “so you know find a solution” and I reply “if I don’t find the solution in a week then I am wizard bait and you are dragon food, I bet you are not going to like that.”

He glares at me, and sais “so to avoid that outcome how are you going to make a wand,” “lets walk around the school and let’s find a magical thing about his school that makes it so magical” he nods and begins to run ahead of me.

Next I don’t have a class I have a free period and then lunch, so basically I have a lot of time to do nothing. I played with Kai a little bit in the main courtyard, when we walked around the hallways in the school. When we walked in front of the headmistresses office, I saw someone I thought I would never see my mom, “mom” the word escaped my mouth, she turned and faced me the expression that she had on her face was shock.

Two boys where with her, one with short purplish hair and the other one with long black hair and blue eyes. They both looked older than me, I remember seeing my mothers picture when I was younger she was in one word beautiful, unlike me I always looked more like my father. She still looked the same, with her long red hair with stunning sea eyes, tall and slender. I also saw the resemblance that she had with the two boys that were near her my brothers, no half brothers.

 Kai told me “turn around and walk away Akiko” I did I don’t like to cry in front of others or show my weak side.

Then the headmistress yelled out to me “Akiko darling come here,” to ignore the headmistress command would be stupid, I wipe my tears and decide to put on my childish face so no one would realize.

 I put on a smile and was walking happily toward the teacher “yes” I look at her and smile at everyone, the headmistress smiles back and says “Mrs. Fukuimoto,” my mother smiles at the headmistress “yes” she replies.

 “Thanks to your donation to Westeria Academy we can help half-borns like a prodigal student like Akiko Minami,” she smiles at me, knowing that I am not sensitive to the term half born used around me because I am half Witch and half human, denying the truth only makes it worse.

 I do my best to smile back because thanks to my mother who hasn’t said anything to me all my life and paid for my school tuition.

She replies to the headmistress “well I am glad I could help with this headmistress, I am sure my sons would like to help as well.” The headmistresses face brightens and sais “I am glad,” Mrs. Fukuimoto elbows her sons and sais “introduce yourself.”

The longhaired one speaks first “hello, I am Takeshi and I am 19 years old” I smile at him he seems genuinely nice, I actually smile at him “hi I am Akiko Minami,” I think I see him blush I quickly dismiss the thought because he’s my brother.       

Then the other one sais in a rude tone “I’m Yuki, hi” gosh rude but it’s my first time meeting my brother so I smile and I feel butterflies in my stomach, “hi Yuki.”

He seems surprise by my reaction, and then Kai climbs up to my shoulders, and sais “I’m Kai and I am Akiko’s familiar” I grab him from my shoulder and hold him in my arms.

   The three of them look in surprise at Kai, “headmistress then sais “Akiko dear are you not suppose to be in class?”

The boys laugh thinking I got caught well they are wrong, I reply “as an assignment for Mr. Arata, we are to make a wand and we can use class time to find it” they stopped laughing ha.

“Do you have any thoughts about how to make your wand” the headmistress asks, “no, sorry headmistress I am unsure about how to make a wand.”  

“Well then Yuki or Takeshi who volunteers to help Akiko?” Takeshi quickly sais “I would like to help if Akiko won’t mind,” “nonsense, right Akiko” I smile at Takeshi and reply “of course I wouldn’t mind you helping me, it would be wonderful.”

He smiles very brightly, my mother has a sour look on her face gessh depend on your mother to ruin your mood. Then the headmistress sais “sorry Akiko, but unlike you these young wizards have class right now,” Takeshi looks disappointed and Yuki doesn’t look so happy either, I guess I understand going to class even I would look depressed. To cheer Takeshi up I decide to tell him “hey Takeshi, tomorrow why don’t we meet out in the main courtyard at lunch so we can discuss ways to find my wand” he smiles brightly and replies “sure Akiko let’s meet there,” “great.” He leaves for class, the headmistress and Mrs. Fukuimoto go again into her office, and I am left with Yuki, he grabs my arm and drags me to the corner of the school.

No one can see us from here I noticed, “Akiko, break my brothers heart and I will kill you” “I don’t like Takeshi that way” I protested, but he had me against the wall.

But I couldn’t exactly tell my brother that I don’t like my brother, because my brother doesn’t know he is my brother. Crackel barrels (witch swear word) “I like someone else” “who” he asks I remember the name of the boy form earlier “Katsu Maki” then pouf someone appears.

 It’s the guy from earlier he looks angry then he see’s us and sais angrily “who said my name.” Crap “Me” I said frightened, he looks at me and said “why did you say it?” “He” I pointed at Yuki, “asked me to tell him who I liked” he laughs and sais “and you like me?”

I nod and blush, then he looks at Yuki with a threatening gaze “don’t get near my girlfriend got it.” I stare at all this mouth open, Yuki nods and sais “oh course Katsu” he bows, why? He leaves and Katsu stares at me and sais “hey.”

I have no idea of what I have gotten myself into.               

The End

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