Kuro: Library

Kuro spent the rest of the day in a daze, finding her mind wandering constantly to the greenhouse. At lunch, she’d been sitting with the girl she had met briefly in Mystical Arts, Akiko, and another girl, Tsuki, who’d been in her second-period class. They were both really nice and easy to talk to, but things really got interesting when some cute wizard in Tsuki’s squad showed up and chatted with her, causing the black-haired girl to blush and smile uncontrollably.

“If I didn’t know better,” Kuro had chimed, playfully nudging Tsuki with an elbow, “I’d think someone had a crush.”

Tsuki made a face and Kuro laughed, digging into her salad.

"Hey, I say it like I see it."

They talked and joked around for the rest of their lunch period, but Kuro felt her office visit lingering in her mind like a storm cloud.

After powering through her next few classes Kuro had retreated to her dorm instantaneously, doing her homework before plopping onto the couch, almost bored.

She found her thoughts wandering to the greenhouse. In the years she'd been at the Academy she hadn't ever seen Himura using his ability. It wasn't that she hadn't harassed him about it, or speculated loudly about how lame it probably was. 

Kuro never would have guessed.

She fell asleep on the couch for the first time, Dai mewling in some distant corner of her mind.

Kuro woke up a minute before her alarm went off, shutting it to let Dai, who was curled up by her feet, a chance to sleep in. She filled his food and water bowls lethargically, going about fixing breakfast. After packing her lunch and brushing her teeth, Kuro dressed in a collared shirt and skirt with tights underneath, scooping her bag up and leaving the dorms, Dai trotting close behind.

Kuro made her way to the library for her shift, which consisted of reshelving books and offering guidance to freshmen.  Kuro had loved the library as long as she’d been attending WA, or Wisteria Academy. She considered it a worthwhile endeavour and, beyond that, something shiny to put on a resume.

Kuro started working on the shelves by the door, checking books for damage. A few moments later the door tinkled, a witch bustling through the door with a stack of books stacked precariously atop another. It was Akiko.

Akiko let the books fall onto the table, breathing heavily, before looking at Kuro with surprise.

“Hey!” she said, sitting, “You getting something to read?”

Kuro flipped through another book, shaking her head.

“Actually, I volunteer here.”

"Of course you would." Akiko replied, rolling her eyes goodnaturedly, "You're the perfect student."

"I don't know about that." Kuro admitted, remembering her mad sprint in the halls.

Akiko was quiet for a second before her face lit up.

“I was wondering...I’ve got to make a wand, and could you...tell me how you made yours?”

Kuro pulled the slim, silver wand from her sleeve, letting Akiko see the swirling patterns and engravings on its surface.

“I was at my grandparents' place when I was pretty young, when they were still alive." 

Akiko nodded slowly, an eyebrow raised.

“And the wand?”

“I hadn't really gotten much control of my powers then. I was outside. I'd been really angry about something, I don't remember what.” she laughed before continuing, "It started to rain. A lot. I had an umbrella and I opened it, but before I could tell what was happening...I was hit by lightning."

"Whoa." Akiko exclaimed, her eyes wide.

"I was fine, but the umbrella was fried. It came apart in my hands as I ran back to the house. The top fell off, but I still had the handle."

She held up the wand and grinned.

Akiko looked at it, impressed.

“That's so cool!”

Kuro slid the wand back into her pocket.


The End

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