My First Day

I open the door I felt the warm smell of vanilla, in the room I look around and see the room. I see two beds and a couch, the bed that were is the room where boring and ugly, and when she had learned a spell to make it pretty she would use it on the room I see an empty space and see that my suitcase is there already.

Kai had already jumped on a bed and said "I call this one," "Kai, we don't even know if we have a roommate but if you like it sure that will be our bed" I replied.

I run to the bed and jump; I see Kai jump and land to the ground.

"Hey Kai, at what time we have class," and he says "I think about now," "now!" I jump run out of the bed and open the door.

I ran down the hallway, silver lightning (I swore) why is my room so far away from the stairs, I didn't hear Kai's little footsteps behind, I turn around to see. I see the funniest thing I see Kai running towards me with a sheet of paper in its mouth.

Kai catches up to me and I pick him up and start running down the stairs and sais "KIKO," that’s what he sais when he's angry. “How can you get to class if you don't know where to go," I grab the piece of paper and unfold it "it's your schedule, for the classes you need to go to."

"Right Kai, thank you, you are a lifesaver" I told him as we were exiting the dorms, he replied "and you are a scattered brain, Akiko" we both knew that "but you love me" he nods and curls in my arms.

I open my schedule right now I had Mystical Arts, I ran to the school luckily the headmistress had given me a map of the school. I opened the map and fumbled it on the ground as I am about to grab it someone else grab else grabs it. The hand gives it to me I look up to see it’s a boy.

A good lucking wizard he had long black hair and dark brown that almost look black, and a cold gaze. He had a threatening aura around him; my instincts jumped into my mind screaming ‘get away’. He didn’t look that bad, I said “Do you know where the class for mystical arts?” he nodded and said “go left and then turn then turn right and it’s the second last classroom” I turn to leave then I said “what’s your name?” he smiled, but in that smile I didn’t see any joy or happiness and replied “Katsu Maki, teachers don’t like late students” as I was running down the hall I yelled at him “see you around Katsu.” I think I heard him murmur something like “doubt it.”

I ran into the class as the teacher was standing up from her seat she looks at me with a dark gaze I quickly apologize for my lateness the teacher Esmeralda and she points at the seats in front of her. On my first day I have been branded as a late student great, and then this girl runs into the classroom at least I wasn’t the last one. The girl was wearing blazer and jeans with the academy scarf, she quickly sits on the seat beside me.

“Hey,” I whisper, and then said “My name’s Akiko. How about you?” Her familiar went under the table, and began to pull her things from her bag. “I’m Kuro” she replied then a voice from the door said “Kuro” then there is a hall monitor a old lady with plump features and a ugly scowl on her face, and  glared at her as she left the room. The teacher began the lesson, but from what I heard Kuro had been running in the hallways which were a violation of the rules.

I am glad that they didn’t catch me running through the hallways I can’t be in trouble on the first day of school but I feel bad for Kuro.

Mystical Arts class was so boring; it shouldn’t be allowed we were all given text to research looking into the future techniques such as fortune telling, tea reading, tarot, astrology and more that will just put a person to sleep.

Since I was sitting at the front of the class I simply can’t go to sleep, I am already on the teacher’s bad side since I came late to class.

As the class began to end I noticed that Kuro had never come back did she get into a lot of trouble because she was late and running through the hallways.

Kai whispered to me “see Akiko, why no must never break the rules or arrive late to class” I simply nod, then Kai continues saying “the next class you have is Spell Techniques and Performance.”

I look at the map and the classroom is almost on the other side of the school, the teacher dismissed us and I walked to the classroom. The classroom was pretty bare there were all windows on the left wall, and seats in group of 5. This time I sat at the back of the class the nearest one to the door I don’t really like to stand out.

As the class begins he sais “Hello students of Wisteria Academy, I am the professor of techniques of spell and performance. My name is Hikaru Arata, I will fail you if you copy or make another student do your work. This class is all about learning techniques and finding your magic. Your first assignment is to make a wand you can leave the class now and this assignment due at the end of the week that’s when you come to class. ”

The students quickly left the class as he finished speaking; I stayed in class because I needed to ask him how to make a wand because I had no idea.

“Mr. Arata,” I asked him as we where the only two people in class “yes” I continued “how do we make a wand,” he smiles and sais “I have a student that thinks, and doesn’t leave the classroom the instant they are allowed to. What’s your name young witch?”

“I am Akiko Minami, Mr.Arata”

“Well Akiko the way you make a wand is that you need to find an object that has a connection to you, just like your familiar” he points to Kai and sais “It’s hard to find a red panda as a familiar, how did you get it?”

“I saved Kai’s life, when it was tormented by humans”

“Damn those humans” he said with a lot of hate in his voice. “Mr.Arata, my father is a human” he looks surprised and sais “well then,” and then continues “then you must find a tree that you feel that it calls to you and ask it nicely if you can have the core of the tree which has magical properties to it, and connect the object to the core of the tree in whichever way you want and make sure it works as you want it too as you recite a spell, good luck Akiko” and then he disappears.

Ok, I need to wand I need an object and a tree that have a connection to me. How do I start?

The End

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