Tsuki~ Exhausting Events

  Tsuki sighed. She was still stuck in Mr. Garony's "Beginner's Session". All he was doing was giving a lecture and repeating everything she had already read in her Westeria Witch & Wizard Academy handbook. If anyone knew the rules and regulations, it would be her. She stayed up until midnight for the past three days just so that she could study the 649-paged dictionary of a book. As the boredom continued, her mind started drifting to other things, like her black female cat-familiar, Mystatia, who she called Misty for short. Tsuki was given an ultimatum by her mother that, if she was going to accept the summons from the academy, that she couldn't bring Misty along. A truly cruel thing to do, as it was physically painful to be so far away from her familiar. Eventually though, the pain had subsided enough for Tsuki to get back to her life without much conflict. She knew why her mother was being so stubborn, though. As a wizard, Tsuki's dad traveled the world for months or years at a time, so he rarely ever saw her or her mother. And that, in itself, gave her mom a grudge against her father, knowing that he could just abandon them like that. In result, Tsuki's mom also held a grudge against all witches and wizards, though needlessly so.

  Mr. Garony's voice suddenly came into focus. ". . . Roma Dakomesha, Shino Fugamine, Minuka Tatsuki and Tsuki Wei will be sectioned into Spell Squadron #7. Now then, does everyone know what squad they're in?" Tsuki's mind snapped back to the present. Squandron Seven, Squadron Seven. She had to remember that, otherwise she'd be left in the dust of her peers and fellow Squadron members. Writing quickly and as neatly as she could, Tsuki made a little list of who all was in her group and what group number she was in.

 "Alrighty then, class is dismissed!" Students scurried through the door. Slowly and quietly, Tsuki gathered her things and walked to her second class, which was Spell Binding. She walked in, sitting down next to a frail-looking girl with orange hair. They both sat and waited for the session to start. Beginning to feel bored again, Tsuki took out her notebook and a pen to start doodling. Just then, however, a girl came jogging in and quickly took the seat right in front of her. The girl had dark blue hair, not quite royal blue, but more like sapphire, only a little more pale. Her skin was pale too, and she carried along a small cat that reminded Tsuki of Mystatia. Tsuki heaved a depressed sigh. How could she go on like this, without her familiar? Trying to use class as a distraction, she began taking notes from the teacher's lesson.

  The rest of the morning went smoothly enough. Myth-Busting class was fun; the teacher, Mr. Takehoshi, talked about how dragons were actual creatures, not just fairy tales. He demonstrated this by bringing in a baby dragon. He said that this was their new class pet. Tsuki was amazed by it; how could such an unbelievable thing be a reality? Then again, witches and wizards existed as well.

  At lunch, Tsuki sat next to the shy girl and the lady with the blue hair. She found out that their names were Kuro and Akiko. They seem nice, Tsuki thought to herself as she munched on an apple. They do, Siechetsuga said in Tsuki's mind. Maybe we could even find a home here, away from all that hate. Tsuki nodded. (Side note: Siechetsuga is Tsuki's power and sword, much like a zampakto is to a soul reaper. She is called Siechet, but only by Tsuki, her master. Siechet acts as if she is Tsuki's slave and even calls her "Mistress," though Tsuki has told her that it isn't necessary. Tsuki & Siechet are very close, as they have been together for years. Siechetsuga's power is to control and manipulate the 5 elements-- fire, water, earth, wind, and spirit. She can use them any way she sees fit: even if that includes killing. Using her abilities for death, however, is only for when desperate times call for desperate measures. Aside from her sword's powers, Tsuki also has a witch form, which is a feline with black ears, a black tail, and extending/retractable black claws. It's just in this state that Tsuki can perform complex spells. Despite that, this form is only used when it is absolutely needed.)

  While the three girls sat there and ate their lunch, a boy walked up to their table and sat next to Tsuki. She recognized the boy as Shino Fugamine, one of the people in her Squadron. Akiko tried not to pay any attention to it, while Kuro tilted her head to one side in curiosity. Tsuki looked up from her sandwich to look at Shino. She couldn't help but gaze into his stunning maroon-colored eyes. Not realizing she was blushing, Tsuki asked quietly, "Hello?"

  The boy smiled. "Hey there, I noticed you were in my assigned group. You must be kinda new here. Your name's Tsuki, right?" She nodded. "Nice," Shino continued. "Maybe we could hang out some time, get the whole Squad together and think of something cool to do for the upcoming Talent Show." Tsuki did a mental face-palm. The Talent Show, how could she have forgotten about that?

  Tsuki offered a small grin. A smile of ignorance, as she'd unknowingly fallen for this boy already. "Sounds good."

  "Great! I'll give you the details soon on when and where we're meeting." With that, he got up and walked back to his table.

  "Whoa, what. . . What just happened?" Tsuki could feel Kuro's intimidating stare. Instead of meeting her gaze, she turned her attention back to her sandwich and took a small bite. 

  Trying to be nonchalant, Tsuki shrugged. "It was nothing, really." It wasn't until then that she realized how warm her cheeks were.

  "If I didn't know any better, I'd think someone had a crush," Kuro said, nudging Tsuki's side. Then, suddenly, as if she had just been struck by a whip, Kuro turned away from the other two girls. I wonder what's up with her all of a sudden, Tsuki mused. What had caused Kuro to act that way? And furthermore, why were her cheeks turning pink and her nose all sniffly? It seemed like she had a crush of her own, and a painful one, at that.

  After a few more long hours, school finally ended. Tsuki walked to her new dorm while she had a mental conversation with Siechet. When she got there, the door was already unlocked-- room #217. Walking in and shutting the door behind her, she looked around the room and saw that it already had a couch and two beds; she was going to have a roommate. Plopping down on the comfortable plush couch, Tsuki let her backpack fall onto the floor next to her. A moment later, Akiko came out of the other room. Seeing Tsuki sitting there, a question arose from her facial expression.

  "Oh, I guess you and I are roomies now, huh?" Tsuki said. With a giggle and a nod, Akiko replied, "I guess so."

  Both girls got their pajamas on and brushed their teeth. Tsuki had already taken a shower in the girls' locker room after her last class of the day, which was Gym (Even witches have P.E.??), so she didn't have to worry about that. Tired from the odd events that today had held, Tsuki shuffled her way to her light blue-colored bed and crawled under the covers. She was so tired that she didn't even hear Akiko's murmured goodnight.

The End

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