Akiko - Welcome to Wisteria Academy for Witches and Wizard

I look out the window, and see the joyous town of Faircry. They all seem so happy that it makes me happy too. My father is driving me up to the Wisteria Academy of Witches and Wizards, the school she went to.

I knew witches existed, it's not a secret in Eion but people know magic exist and they know how powerful it is and fear it. Some humans have bad blood with witches and wizards.
Like in life, there is a balance-good and evil witches and wizards. My dad hadn't known my mom was a witch when they started their affair 17 years ago, my dad was attracted to my mothers beauty, intelligence and grace.

Once my mother found out that I existed in her from what my dad told me she wanted to abort me, but my father convinced her otherwise. And that's why I am here.
When I was younger I wanted to believe that my mother cared about me but I have never met her. I am a witch because of her and I am not sure whether it is a curse or something different. I look over at my doting and beloved father, he decided that when school started that he will live in the city Faircry. He has his own cafe / bookstore.

We both moved into Faircry in August, he did want move from our nice summer paradise. The school decides to announce the acceptance of the student in their academy by announcing the witch or wizard that will be attending in the town square with everyone present.

I was surprised to know that someone in our town was a witch. No one really liked witches, they were suppose to be ugly, mean, cruel, and old. The thought never crossed my mind that I was the witch, young witches are suppose to show their powers. Because they don't know how to control it and that's how it appears.

The whole town was silent as they were awaiting till they announce of this young witch, I had a few suspects because they were mean. Kai had come with me I had to carry him because he would have been trampled by them.

It wasn't a witch, that announced the new magical being it was a wizard or a magician because he was a guy. He opened his mouth and began speaking " I am a professor from the Wisteria Academy for Witches and Wizards, and the one selected from this village to go to this Academy will be, AKIKO MINAMI," and he disappeared.

What I am the witch, that can't be possible I never ate children for breakfast or was ugly at least I don't think I was. I heard Kai say in his cute adorable voice " Hey let's get out of here the towns people will try to get you," he looked around and said "now." I moved quickly, through the crowds, I kept my head down I needed to tell my father before they did anything to him.

Then two  meaty hands and big arms grabbed me, "Akiko Minami, a witch" and he spit in my face "leave me alone," I started crying out. It was getting peoples attention but not in a good way, I turned to face my assailant I quickly recognized him it was the butcher.

I truly feared for my life, the butcher his wife and his unborn son had died at the hands of a wizard because he had stolen his spell book, and manuscripts and burned them with a magical flame that mad that the pieces and no spell or magic can bring them back. And  because of that, the wizard took his revenge a third fold on the butcher for stealing, and now he hated magic of anything magic related.

Kai jumped on the butchers arm and bit him, the butcher threw his arm which Kai was on and I saw Kai was hit and slammed into the wall. "Kai" I yelled, he wasn't moving then one of the towns people said "it's her familiar kill it, " "no" I screamed, I began struggling I couldn't let them kill "Kai" my precious friend.

I got really angry and when I get angry bad things happen, my body felt like it was being controlled by someone else, and I began using magic. I pushed back everyone and made a force field about 3 meters wide, and I went to get Kai who was still lying on the ground.
I don't remember what happened next but when I felt like I was controlling my body again I was looking at the town from a far and I saw it burning and Kai was in my hands and he was breathing. I went home, crying because I didn't even know what I did, I told my father what happened and he told me to pack my bags. Because we both knew that the moment that they announced my name that this was never going to be my home again.

My father sold our house their quickly, and we where looking for a town to live in when I received the summons from Wisteria, to attend school in a month. My dad had given me the choice not to go but I was curious and my mother was a witch so I felt maybe I was getting close to her. My dad didn't want to separate so he also decided to move and make his new live in Wisteria.

I went on a h*ll of a trip to get here, I hope it was worth my while me becoming a witch never crossed my mind until it happened. The drive from the front gate to the school building was a good 20 minutes, for me it felt like hours.

When the building came into view, it was a majestic view it looked like a rectangular castle it had a arch way. Before we even crossed the engine died, " Daddy, let's just walk from here it's not from here," Kai jumped off my lap and began walking toward the school. "Alright, honey"  we both got out of the car I walked under the arc no problem. "Kiko," (my dads nickname for me) "what, dad.?"

I continued to walk not noticing that he was behind me then a person appeared a lady, no a witch. She has long blond hair, emerald blue eyes,  peach skin tone, a long purple cape and a violet gown. She had a kind smile on her face and waved her hand with a wand and said " Welcome Akiko, this is Wisteria the Academy for the Witches and Wizards, I am the headmistress Kadae Moto" another figure appeared behind her "and this is the headmaster  Akio Himura." The mirage becomes clearer he has deep red hair in a spiky pony tail, he is wearing a formal suit and has purple eyes.

My father walked to my side and they apologized about the car, and he not being allowed to enter the school  because he is a human. He simply nods, kisses my forehead and sais " Kiko stay strong," I nod he enters the car he waves goodbye turns it around and goes back.
Daddy, the headmaster isn't their by the time I turn around, the headmistress gives me a tour of the school their are 4 court yards in the school North, South, East and West. All the classes are held on the first floor of the School, and the second floor is only for teachers because that's we're they have their chambers.

Their is a huge dinning room, and a gigantic library which goes up to the second floor, their is an open fountain in the center of the school, many gardens.

They have a haunted house on a cliff (an actual one) that they use on Halloween for special events I could see it because it's far from the school, a gazebo which isn't close to the school, a wizard cave (only for wizards), Crescent moon lake with flowing rivers and another lake I don't remember the name.

She leads me to the girls dormitory and tells me my room, it's 217. Which is on the second floor, me and Kai walk up the stairs and we only see the numbers 201 and on the other side 234, I guess I'm at the end of the hall. Some doors were open but when thy seemed to see someone pass the shut automatically. I get to the room 217, I take a deep breath before I turn the knob and I am surprised to know what happened next.

In Wisteria Academy for Witches and Wizards, anything can happen.

The End

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