Paul - (brown messy hair, brown eyes, ideal weight, 5”6)

 I arrived unnaturally early for me. I was always the late comer. The academy looked like a prison, a fort, something unearthly. Then I noticed it, the lake…no the ocean. It was welcoming so I stepped up and went a few metres in, 4 to be exact. I always had the ability to stand on the water’s surface which sort of ruined my standing with the swimming team. ‘Ha! Standing. I amaze myself sometimes.’ I chuckled then the ocean was disturbed. I concentrated on pulling it towards me, building it high then I stopped it. There were four there now, just watching though one was looking nervous.  

“Stop it Paul!” I turned.

“Ah the familiar sounds of Joseph.” I turned. “Hello again.”

“I thought this was your attempt to show off.” I couldn’t help but smile.

“At least I can use all my abilities.” I quipped then walked to the shore, the water now easing softly to its normal place. “Alright?” I say with my charming smile that could disarm any female if I wanted. The oldest girl merely looked at me blankly while the youngest looked to the floor. I noticed someone walk up and look around, he seemed angry at something as he looked around. “I’m Paul.”

“Helena, this is my sister Genevieve.” I nodded, smiled then turned to Joseph and Anne.

“Anne, you’re looking radiant. Joseph, I see you’re doing well.” I quickly turned to see Helena and Genevieve approach the solitary person.

The End

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