Anne, (Black hair, green eyes, average weight, 4”10) Brother (twin) Joseph

“Try again Joseph, you have to keep working on it or you’ll never get there”
“It’s alright for you; everyone knows the older twin has more ability. It all comes naturally your way.”
“Stop moaning and keep practicing. Maybe you’ll get somewhere faster.”

 I know self lifting is an art, but really he should be able to do it. He can lift me. If he spent more time developing his...talent...and less time wishing he was the oldest twin he would do so much better. There’s only a minute in it for goodness sake! I’ve been self lifting for months now. They say that this ‘academy’ will help us to learn about who we are, what we can do. Personally, I think it’s a way to keep us out of the way of the normals. They have to accept that we exist now but they don’t have to like it. I guess us ‘Unnaturally Gifted’ should stick together, but for now the only person I’m going to trust in here is my brother.
“Anne show me again, I just can’t get this” God damn it he always interrupts my thoughts.
“Look, it’s the same as moving other things, you just have to focus more because it’s complex. And before you start to complain, it’s going to hurt your head for a while. The human body is rather more intricate than a book or a chair, if you can lift a car I know you can lift yourself.”
“That car was easy...”
“I don’t want to hear it Joe!”

 Damn him. I know he hates being here as much as I do but that’s no reason to start acting like a child. I wonder when everyone else will turn up, it’s getting creepy here now, just us two in this big old place. Sure it’s pretty what with the picturesque forest and little woodland creatures frolicking about the place, but it’s not exactly homely.
“I hear people, I think more of us are arriving Anne”
“More of them, Joe...more of them.”

The End

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