Dorian - (dark hair with eyes to match, average weight, 5“10)

The building was not what I expected. From the letter I thought it would be old and like the workhouses from the Victorian era. It was more modernized and new. I turned and walked down to a small shop, I wanted a piece of fudge and would pay anything for it. Then I saw her, she wasn’t what I expected as she was raised with humans.

“Dorian!” Helena yelled, as she always did, to get my attention. "Dear Dorian are you in this hell hole too?" I smiled, took her hand then kissed it briefly.

"It appears I was entitled to this extraordinary chance. Have you seen the building yet?"

"No, is it pretty?" I resisted being sarcastic.

"Magnificent. You can see it from the end of the street." The young one ran to the end, definitely different than I thought.

“Oh Dorian, I’m so pleased I’ll know someone there other than Genie.”


“Oh Genevieve is my adopted sister, she’s taken it in her stride.” I smiled then said I needed to phone someone so she left me alone. I got to the shop, picked up a few bits then paid and walked to the country lane. Helena and Genevieve were out of view, which suited me fine. I pulled out my phone, flipped it up then called my contact. It took several rings to get through, even then he responded with a hint of annoyance. I sighed then reported anyway as I had accidentally been preoccupied and not bothered to listen to him.

“Seen Helena, has adopted sister named Genevieve. She’s different. Will write out full report bye.” I hung up before he could say anything, got some more fudge then approached the academy.

The End

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