Special Academy of the Unnaturally Gifted

Different views from those in this academy. If i get interest i shall change to collaborative and allow people to take characters.

Chapter I

Genevive - (Athletic build, 5"4, long blonde wavy hair, midnight blue eyes and slightly tanned) Sister (older) Helena

The handsome man approached me, I felt my heart quicken and tried to calm down by averting my gaze. I dared a glance. He remained with his eyes locked past me.

“Dorian!” My sister yelled, just now seeing him. I glared at her while holding a hand to my ear. "Dear Dorian are you in this hell hole too?" He smiles then kisses her hand. So Dorian is his name?

"It appears I was entitled to this extraordinary chance. Have you seen the building yet?"

"No, is it pretty?"

"Magnificent. You can see it from the end of the street."

I approached the end of a street and looked up. I gasped, it was a grand white building stretching far over the mountain ridge it was situated on. It is only accessible by walking along a heavily wooded path. I walked with anxiety toward the academy at which I would spend most days of a year in. All around me were the most beautiful trees and plants you have ever seen. It is peaceful but you can hear the sounds of birds chirping and small forest creatures frolicking in the under brush. My footsteps were quiet so the creatures did not move. My sister ran up giggling, scaring them away. She locked arms with me then laughed.

"Oh I'm so excited Genie." I rolled my eyes but laughed anyway.

"Me too sis."

The End

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