SPC: Challenge #2

Scott tore off toward the source of the scream as quickly as his legs could carry him. Wide-eyed and shocked, he looked up into the cloudy sky to find something, something he'd never seen before, growing steadily larger as it headed toward him.


He'd heard ancient stories from local elders before, but never in his wildest dreams had he ever imagined that he would be staring at a meteor closing in on him. More and more townsfolk were swinging their doors open to find the cause of commotion hurtling toward them, and when more people knew what was coming, more panic and screaming erupted. Only one thing could cross young Scott's mind as he gazed up at the threatening sky: he had to find Annabelle.


He raced to the town hall, where all the villagers were gathering for safety. They planned on hiding underground in basements until the meteor landed, but Scott knew that the attempt was worthless. It would take a lot more than hiding a few feet below ground to avoid this catastrophe. He anxiously swam through the sea of people in the building searching for Annabelle, but she was nowhere in sight. He couldn't stand this- he had to find her,  so he hurried off to search elsewhere, but Annabelle seemed to have vanished from the village.


He pondered for ideas until he finally came to the unreasonable conclusion that she might be in their place, their secret getaway, a house in the trees, located due North in the woods.  He scurried off to check there and arrived at the isolated spot with great relief.


"Annabelle!" he cried out as he made his way up the crooked wooden ladder he, himself had built, "What are you doing?? We have to find somewhere safe to stay!"


"No, Scott ," she replied in a unimaginably calm tone, "This is it, the end. There's nowhere to hide. We can't run from this."


"That's doesn't matter, Annabelle! The point is that we shouldn't chance it!" he snapped as he grabbed her arm, trying to tug her along back to the village.


It was then that the meteor came closer. Close enough, it seemed to him, that he could've reached out and grab hold of it. It screeched and warmed the air as it steadily neared them.


"JUMP!" he yelled abruptly as they leaped off the top of the treehouse.


They painfully hit the ground with a loud thump and immediately turned their faces to the sky to see where the meteor was headed, when they heard the loudest crash either of them would ever hear in their lifetime. Smoke rose above the trees and into the horizon as tears ran down young Annabelle's face.


They walked South through the woods, watching as flames danced atop of the trees, leading them to the location of impact. Both of them were lost for words, but the firm grip of each others' hands helped them contain themselves. The smell of smoke lingered in the trembling air, troubling their breathing, which was already unsteady.


The trees burning tumbled to the ground one by one until they finally reached what used to be the village, now a vast crater filled with shining flames and ashes. Their childhood, their salvation, was buried right in front of them, never to be seen again.


Still, neither of them could sputter a word. The shock was simply too overwhelming. So they stood there, speechless, gazing at the corrupted hole of what was once their livelihood, now destroyed. 


The End

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