SPC: Verse47

Verse47's entry into the Summer Prose Competition 2010

Challenge #1


The wind blew in Scott's face as he raced across the cobblestone bridge, floating just high enough over the splashing waves to keep him dry. He ignored the feeling of the ocean's relaxing spray in his hair as he swiftly continued down the bridge. When he reached the half open door, he sped right through, hoping to reach the top of the palace as quickly as he could. He traveled up ten flights of winding stairs before finally bursting through the corridors to the throne room and kneeling on the vertical, crimson carpet, now sweating uncontrollably.

"Hello, Dear," began the queen, his mother, "Explain your tardiness immediately."

"I'm sorry, Mother, I was just in the village-"

"Stop there." She snapped back at him, "Remind me again what I've told you about your little visits to the village."

"They aren't allowed..." he bluntly replied.

"Correct," she hissed as she stood up from her golden throne and began pacing, "so why have you disobeyed me, Scott?"

"I-" he began before being cut off by her once again.

"Don't answer that, Scott" she shouted abruptly, "because I already know." 

He lowered his blushing face, trying to avoid her piercing stare.

"Get up!" she snapped, "You have a meeting to attend." 

Without another word, he jumped to his trembling feet, exited the room as quickly as possible, and headed to his chamber to change out of his sweaty clothes. When he was clean and prepared, he emerged from the gloomy wooden doors and anxiously marched to the conference chamber. He quietly eased the double doors open and slid his head in for a quick peak, only to find every eye in the room glaring at him. He saw that his mother had gotten there before him, and joined in with the rest of the council in staring at him. 

"Err.. Sorry I'm late, everyone.." he nervously apologized. The awkwardness seemed to rush upon him as he spoke those words.

The faces simultaneously turned and directed their attention back to the front of the room, as if rehearsed to do so. Scott found his red cushioned seat and joined them. 

"Back to business," one of the elderly councilmen began.... The rest of the meeting is a blur to him, simply because he didn't pay a bit of attention, as usual.


He awoke the next morning as sunlight streamed through the windows in his chamber. He had full intentions to take a trip to the village today, despite his mothers unreasonable orders, so he readied himself for the brief journey and snuck out of the palace on one of the small wooden rafts that he'd crafted himself for when he wanted to escape from his dull palace life.

The coloured leaves crunched under his feet with each step he took. The crisp Autumn air wrapped comfortably around him, forcing him to crack a smile, despite his grouchy mood. The walks to the village just might've been his favourite part of visiting if it weren't for her, his love, Annabelle. She was the reason he sacrificed his honor and escaped the from palace regularly. He loved her. He was sure of it, and the only way to see her was to visit her at the village, for he knew his mother would never grant her permission to visit him in the castle, for she was only the daughter of a farmer. This was one of those moments that he lost himself in thoughts of her, but she sadly left his mind when a scream of terror pierced the silent air..

The End

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