Challenge Two

The chancellor got into the back of his limo. Two secret service agents next to him. They were not very decent secret service agents--not very secret. Perhaps that was what was wrong here? Too much chaos? Nothing made sense. Maybe that was why there were so many takes on the chancellor's life.

Why were they trying to kill him anyways. He was just trying to maintain order.

The world he was in was in rather hectic turmoil. The general world seemed like it was going to rip all their own throats apart. The chancellor had made some rather decent pacts with neighbouring nations. Had anybody invading them, he knew they would do everything to help out.

The chancellor hits a button, "I am hungry--I want a sandwich."

A buzz is heard and the driver's voice sounds, "well, we can go back to your mansion, sir, and get one up."

The chancellor, more decidedly hit the button--he meant business, "I have read reviews of a cafe near here. I want to try it out."

"Right away sir."

Freddie Crowl was not a man to be easily defeated. He failed at his job to kill the chancellor. Somebody was paying a lot of money to have him dead. He did not really ever track who it was. He tried to find out--but the mess was tangled up.

Well, not really--it seemed to have came directly from a nearby country that had long since supported this country. One of the first to sign a treaty to say they would give any support. Nationalism was high there--and support for there country and this one was high. Anger at others was very high too.

That is why it was a chaotic jumble. It seemed like they wanted to explode. They must have been being framed, with the money coming from somebody else.

Freddie just sat in the cafe--his sandwich he was eating was very tasty. Damn this place earned its great review. Well, he did get away without anybody seeing him. He just did not succeed at--

Freddie could not believe his eyes. The chancellor had just walked into this shop. Sat down at a table. The chancellor's back to Freddie.

Freddie pulled out a gun, pointed it at the chancellor's back. Eyed the exits--he would need to get out of here. Pulled the trigger to hit the hammer.

A loud explosive shot rang out through out the cafe, and ended in the sandwich just in front of the chancellor's chest, hitting the plate.

Grosprint was sitting in the mess hall. He was preparing the menu. The CO would be coming in soon. Grosprint was going to see if he could not kill him by giving him a tasty sandwich. Mind you--the men here were not quite at each other's throats. Not to the point of any little incident causing a riot and complete disorder. Start demanding the blood of any body they did not like.

However, Grosprint figured he would try at least.

The End

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