There's This One Girl

I was polishing a turd in my room; no one said it could be done, and don't ask me how, it's my secret. Well, Joropp came busting in carrying on about how Meerow was ok and that.. blah blah who cares. It's not important how he happened to escape Jupiter's massive gravitational pull with his jump ship out of commission.

I threw the polished turd at Joropp and hit him in the face with it. I told him to get out but he just wouldn't stop talking. He finally left, though.

So, there's this girl I've noticed a few times. She only comes floating around every now and then. I thought she was kind of odd at first, and I still think she is. But I'm captivated. How she is able to survive out there in space without a space suit or anything I don't know. She doesn't seem to be conscious, though. She just floats around with those dumb Space Zombies.

I wonder if they smell bad.

Well, she's really pale, maybe from being in space. And she has this weird pink hair. Like, bubblegum pink. How the heck?

No one else has seen her, everytime I notice her and try to tell Joropp or Meerow she's disappeared by the time I bring them over to see.

She's such a jerk.

I haven't actually seen her in like three weeks. I tried calling her name. I named her Miss Pink Hair Space Chick. It occurred to me that she wasn't aware of her name, though. So I felt pretty dumb.

God showed up the other day. Yeah. turns out he's real. He's actually pretty chill, though. Not anything like the bible, which was totally wrong. None of the religious books got it right, actually, well unless you count them saying god exists.

He popped in during one of our charades nights. He turned off his omnipotence and joined in. He's actually pretty bad at it.

I'm actually pretty glad he started making an appearance in the world. He's helped a lot of people. He was really apologetic about not intervening and all during all those disasters and stuff. Turns out after he created our universe, he completely forgot about it, he was working on another project and time got away from him.

But, he's back now.

Oh, and he likes to play Magic: The Gathering with me sometimes.
He created a bunch of overpowered cards, though. So I can never win.

I asked him if he knew anything about the girl I see every now and then, but he just winked asked me to pull his finger.

The End

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