That's Gonna Suck

     Okay, I'm at a loss for what to call the Space Zombie Goal/Zombie soccer ball relationship. Who cares. They suck anyway.

     Well, as I was saying. We were slinging some Space Zombies; we were playing Space Zombie Sling Shot- that's a working title- and I was winning. I'm also a liar. I was the prophecied champion of the losers that day.

I was losing so well.

     Meow, that's what I call Meerow sometimes. Meow was winning like always. I attribute that to his jump ship. He's pretty rich. I think he got an inheritance or something. Don't ask me why he still works here. His ship is amazing. So his winning isn't anything special.

     We were getting ready to wrap up, Meow just scored for the quintillenth time. For real. he scored that many times. I don't care if you think I'm exaggerating. As soon as he scored, an Exploding Space Demon Goat- some of  those got through the Hell Gate, too. I forgot to mention them. They are reaaaaally rare. I don't think I've seen or heard about one in like seven years. And that one harmlessly collided with a Space Zombie heard. It was a pretty viral video. something like... 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,001 views galaxy-wide.

Back to Meoweerowee, I call him that sometimes, too. I can't help it.

     One of those Exploding Space Demon Goats crept up while we were distracted and flew right into Meow's left engine, blowing it to pieces. This sent meow careening towards Jupiter where he got caught in the gravitational pull. In retrospect I think maybe we were kind of insensitive to his plight. And didn't really think about the fact that he could hear me and Joropps, my other co-worker, talking about him as he slowly slipped into a Jovial embrace. See, his intercom worked fine, but mine and Joropps' had been malfunctioning.

     Mine, understandably, because when you have a piece of crap jump ship, the intercom tends to be a piece of crap, too. I dunno why Joropps' was messed up. Maybe he was pretending it was messed up.

     Well, this is basically how it went down. I remember it exactly. My memory is phenomenal by the way.

The Exploding Space Demon Goat trolled Meowzer, sending him inevitably into Jupiter's embrace.

"Oh, man, Joropps. That was crazy! I can't believe we saw an Exploding space Demon Goat" I said.

"Yeah! That was insane. Hey, Do you think Meerow will come outta this one? I wonder how long his girl will need before she moves on." Joropp said

"That's pretty insensitive, Joropp." I said

We kinda sat there for a few minutes, watching Meow disappear.

"Did you want his TV? I already have one. I could use his toaster, though. Mine crapped out the other day." I asked Joropp.

"I guess." Joropp replied.

I hate when people repsond like that.

"That's definitely gonna suck. See ya Meerow."

We were like fifteen minutes over on our lunch break. That sucked. They didn't really do anything to us, though. So whatever.

The End

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