Jovian Knight

     Space station Jovi is located right outside Jupiter's pull. I'm stationed there as one of the resourcers, which is what those who gather planetary resources are called, which is dumb. Resourcers. Just roll that around on your tongue. Pretty dumb, I know. That's why I like to refer to myself as a Jovian Knight of the Jovian Collection Agency instead. It sounds better. To me at least. I don't care if I'm the only one that thinks so.

     Helium-3 is mostly what we are here to collect. It's a nuclear fuel that kicks any other fuel in the face with an Olympus Mons sized foot. It yields so much energy and doesn't have dangerous byproducts.

     I saw that yawn. Yeah, whatever. It's more interesting than lethargic space potato Space Zombies. Though, Sometimes those sorry excuses of Hell-monsters can provide some entertainment.

     Most people generally ignore these living dead doofuses, but a few games have been made to incorporate them. One of our favorites to play at the Jovi is simple. Catch. See we have these extendable, retractable pivoty arm things on our jump ships. They're there to help stabilize the jump ship when setting up to use the jump gates.

     Well, They're also there to grab zombies and chunk them at each other.

     We were playing one time after we had spent hours upon hours working. Meerow Morraw, one of my co-workers, and an unfortunate son to be named that. Don't you think? I think so. Anyway, Meerow is pretty deft with his jump ship and he likes to gather up some of the Space Zombies and place them together in makeshift goals for us to try to throw other Space Zombies through.

     Is that a form of cannibalism? That's for lack of a better word by the way. I dunno what it would be called.

     I'm gonna go think about what to call it. I'll get back to this story later.

The End

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