Just a Space Zombie Space Rant.

I thought of something random and started writing.

     The Space Zombies were everywhere, clogging jump gates and creating another layer to the atmospheres of the planets. This wouldn't be a big deal, honestly. If they were pieces of debris and not Space Zombies. Maybe even if they were space tigers, or even space grizzly bears. No. They're stupid Space Zombies. Oh, they're also from Hell. Yeah, someone accidentally opened a gate to Hell somewhere between Mars and Jupiter. It was kind of a big  deal when it happened. It still is. It's a huge deal. Especially since people have jobs to get to. I personally live on Earth and travel to a space station near Jupiter for work. I'm part of a crew who gathers resources from the planet. Yeah, It's a little far, but I stay out for a couple of weeks at a time for work, so it isn't too bad.

     My jump ship is kind of... fifth-hand. I have four siblings, who each had this piece of crap before me. Now, I'm grateful, don't get me wrong, It's just a royal piece of crap. That's fact. And I swear it's going to fall to pieces right in the middle of a Space Zombie herd one day. Herd is what I call them in groups. It makes me laugh. Officially, they're called a horde. But who cares? Either way they gum up your engines.

     The worst thing about these dumb Space Zombies is that they don't do anything. They just float around in space getting in the flipping way. It's pretty rude. Though, I suppose they aren't meaning to be rude. No one has the foggiest what they are meaning to be. I'd much prefer them to be a ravenous death swarm. That would make for a fun time. These Space Zombies.....

They're just.


By the way, I'm Ekkers. Jenli Ekkers.


The End

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