A good morning. Almost.Mature


I fell asleep warm and woke up cold. Something was missing.


I was a little surprised, and more than a little pleased when she let me stay with her several hours earlier. I stretched my arms, let out a big yawn, and grimaced at the pain in my stiff neck. That's what I get for being comforting.

Allison was up and making breakfast in the kitchen and Shote... Shote was...

Where was Shote?

"Hey Allison. You know where Shote is?"

"Nope. Didn't see him." She turned to look at me and said with a wink, "Pity huh?"

I laughed stood behind her watching over her shoulder. She gave me a questioning look concerning my proximity and I shrugged in return.

"Just trying to learn how to make an edible breakfast."

Allison smiled at me and hesitated for a second. I took advantage of the moment and leaned in for a ki-


Great. I whipped open the phone and let out a rather gruff "What?"

There was a laugh on the other end. "I'm not interrupting anything am I buddy?"

There was only one place that Shote could be in order to see in the apartment. I strode over to the window and looked out to see him sitting on the roof of the adjacent house.

"Yeah actually you are. Thanks. I swear Shote one of these days you're going to get your own gir-"

"Yeah. Sure. Shut Up. Listen. I'm heading out early so I'm in position when you guys head out. How do you plan on getting the Dad to the mall?"

"I'm going to send in a fake "emergency" call once we enter the building. I'll give you a call, one ring ok?"

"Ok. Don't take forever, and don't get into too much... trouble."

I didn't even need to look over to see the grin on Shote's face and the wink that he had aimed my way. What a jerk.

It had been a good morning. Almost.

After eating, Allison and I moved out to the mall. We started at Macy's and after that I let Allison lead the way. She probably did this more often than I did so I followed her for the sake of believability. First it was shoes, then hats, then glasses, then purses, then... umm... lingerie. Allison charged right ahead while I hesitated this time, a blush creeping into m cheeks.

"Yeah Allison? I'm going to uhh... I mean I'll keep a look for... I'll stay here."

She flashed me a coy smile then continued.While she did I sent the placed the call to her dad. If she didn't know he was there she'd be less likely to give something away.

I speed dialed Shote, let the phone ring once, then hung up. Everything was in motion.

Let Plan Shopping Distraction commence.

The End

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