Good question.

What about her?

I didn’t want her to come with us because she was in as much danger as we were… but I couldn’t make decisions for her and I had to admit that I wouldn’t be at all disappointed if she decided to come.

“I think we should wait for her to wake up and let her decide on her own. “

Shote sighed but I could tell that he agreed even if it was a begrudging agreement. Shote and I talked about the attempts on our lives and ate some food while we waited for Allison to come to.

“So. What does she taste like?” Shote asked and I could feel my cheeks start to burn.

“What are you talking about? We didn’t kiss… we were… interrupted.”

Shote laughed and I punched on the shoulder. Hard. Hard enough to hurt a normal person. Shote grew serious and said,

“So you like her then?”

I opened my mouth to answer but as I did there was a loud yawn. I stood up and rushed over to the couch where Allison was just waking up. She blinked a few times and looked around the apartment. Her eyes stopped once they reached me.

“Please tell me this isn’t your place Cole.”

I laughed, “Nope. It’s Shote’s”

“It’s Shote’s? I thought it was the city dump at first. Then I opened my eyes.”

Shote stepped in. “Well well, wake up and smell the attitude. Sheesh. I could have left you on the sidewalk.”

Allison stood up and took a few shaky steps. Then she walked over to me and very pointedly finished our kiss from earlier.

“Thank you for saving me Cole.”

There were two pairs of raised eyebrows in the room. Mine and Shote’s. “Well your welcome… lets ummm… let’s sit down and talk. Allison. What do you plan to do… you could go back home, or you can stay with us. I have to warn you though, it’ll be dangerous… then once you get over Shote’s attitude it’ll be evenmoredangerous.”

“Hah. Hah. Hah.” and a eyeball roller coaster were my prizes for that one. I looked back at Allison who was deep in thought. I wondered how her father would react if she went home… or how he would react if shedidn’tgo home… neither one seemed pleasant. Allison cleared her throat and leaned back against the wall. It looked like she had made her decision.

“Here’s what I’m gonna do guys…”

The End

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