Sorting it OutMature

The girl collapsed she had healed my wounds, well not healed. No it was like completely reverse the effects of being thrown twenty or more feet through the air and the tumble down a hill at speed onto a hard concrete surface. She was starting to go pale.

"Allison?" Cole said his voice filled with concern, all the while sliding his hands into hers. 'What a fool!' I thought standing myself up.  Looking down on the two.

"Did you see who shot you?" I asked with a rough tone.

"No, Shote, no I didn't. He or she wasn't one of those guys who tell you their life story before shooting you in the back." He said sarcastically keeping his eyes on Allison.

" It was that ass hole Thomas who tried to do me in." I said offhandedly," We need to go somewhere else other than HQ. Who showed up when she called for help? "

"Her father."

"I figured as much, we'll investigate HQ later. But for now lets head to my place." I said surprisingly not picking on him or being generally angry for once, but maybe it was the fact I nearly died, and being angry right was just not constructive. 

"You have a place? I thought you lived at work!" He said with sincerity. 

"Yeah, I do, idiot." I replied. Oh there it is, I hadn't softened up that’s good," Pick her up and follow me!" I growled.

"Yeah, yeah. Hey you said Thomas tried to kill you. Did you mean the military is in on it?" He asked me.

"I don't fucking know! Its a good possibility but last time I heard anything about Thomas was a year ago, he was still part of the military then. That doesn't mean he is now. Still you would think the idiots in the military would have more brains then trying to kill us like that!" I said annoyed pausing to think about Allison's father, why was he the one to reply to that call, who is he?" Do you know anything about your  girlfriend's dad?" I said mockingly," It's just odd that he happened to be the one who came to your aid, and not one of our own agents."

"No, I don't know anything about him. Other then the fact he's really scary."

"Pfft, speak for yourself." I replied.

The walk down back to the city was a long, and rather silent one from that point on. The two of us were probably trying piece everything together, with the little facts we had.  Allison was beginning to look even worse, then she was earlier. I wasn't to sure if Cole had already realized or was trying deny the fact that she was succumbing to the super serums negative effects.  It was a slow process sometimes being exceedingly painful.  Those who were born with powers usually never had to feel the effects of the super serum. The super serum would give you superhuman abilities but in turn, it would curse you if your will was not strong enough. Your powers would start to take over, and you would become a mindless creature, a monster. I remembered when Cole was first administered the serum, I remember fearing that he would become a monster.  For a while I wasn't told what had happened, but seeing that he was here now, not trying to gnaw on Allison’s, or my own body parts he things had turned out alright.  I never asked what happened, or what happens when he uses his powers.

After catching a taxi who took us near the docks, of the city I showed Cole into my cozy apartment. It had a small ass Kitchen, a sorry excuse for a bedroom, two bathrooms, one with bath, and shower, and a sink. The other one was a cramped little place with barely any space to do anything in.  The living room was the only thing that could dare to call spacious. The place would be immaculate if it weren't for the stench of cigarette smoke, and the few dirty plates on the coffee table in front of an old flat screen T.V.

"You don't come here often do you?" Cole commented setting Allison on the faded leather couch in front of the T.V.

"No. Our office is more comfortable than this little piece of hell."

"Or you just don't have a life outside of work." He joked.

"Whatever." I said walking towards the kitchen grabbing a drink.

" So people are out to kill us. I say we rest up here, and like you said go HQ tomorow. I doubt we were the only ones targeted, and perhaps we can get some more info and who's attacking us." Cole said reaching for a drink.

" First good plan I've heard from your mouth in a while." I replied throwing the drink at him, " But what about her?"

The End

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