Healing ShoteMature

I stared up at Cole, his story bringing tears to my eyes. When he stopped and looked down at me, I leaned up to him, anticipating my first kiss.

"I would stop right there if I were you boy."

I gasped and held my breath, grabbing Cole's hand and holding it tight.

"I don't want to go." I whispered, and he nodded in understanding.

We looked at each other, and I started thinking of places to go, while Dad slowly started coming towards us. Then I had an idea.

"Dad, Shote is hurt. We have to help him." I said.

He nodded. "I know. I've already..."

He was cut off mid-sentence in a flash of light.

When I woke up, I saw Cole sitting beside Shote. He looked at me, a pain in his eyes.

"Please Allison. I'm afraid he's going to die."

I nodded and sat up, still a little woozy from our travel. I crawled over and placed my hand over Shote's wound. I focused all the strength I had left, which wasn't much, on healing Shote.

He coughed and sat up, healthy. I smiled, a tear rolling down my cheek. I was feeling sick and dizzy, the pain too much to bear.

I looked at Cole. He could see the look on my face.

"Allison?" he asked.

I tried to reply, but I couldn't find my voice through the pain. I felt his hand slide into mine as my world once again went dark.

The End

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