Not dead. Yet.Mature

Allison came into focus slowly and she had a worried look on her face. I gave her what I hoped was a smile and she relaxed, smiling back.

"You had me worried there..." She said with a nervous laugh. I felt my shoulder, ribs, and other vital organs and to my surprise, nothing seemed to be hurting. Then I remembered the tingling before we warped. I shifted slightly and tried to strike up a conversation.

"So... you can heal and teleport too."

Eloquence. That's what I have.

"I guess so... is it... is it normal to have more than power?"

"It's not unheard of. Especially since you took a super serum they usually give more than one power."

She nodded. "I called your partner... Shote. He's hurt."

I bolted up. "He's hurt? I have to go find him! Come on!" I grabbed her hand and started to pull her up but she pulled back and caught me off guard. I fell and landed right next to her.

"No it's fine... I... I called my Dad. He's sending people over."

My first thought was: The scary guy? Why did she call him? But I stopped and thought about it logically. Number One: He was her father. Number Two: If he couldn't be trusted she wouldn't have called him. Shote would be ok for now. I looked down and noticed that our hands were still locked together. That was good.

"So" I began. "I'm sorry about that episode back there... I shouldn't have gotten in the way of that bullet. My bad."

Allison laughed and leaned on me a little. She smelled nice.

"Did Shote tell you why he was attacked or who did it?"

"Not a word... but then again he sounded like it hurt for him to talk. It doesn't surprise me. I think his phone was broken... I called him back and didn't get an answer. He has a bit of an attitude problem... why is he your partner? Your personalities are not similar at all."

I smiled a little. Reflecting back on the "old" days. Now I wasn't old by any means but it was cooler to call them the old days. I felt like a veteran or something. I was to an extent.

"Shote and I go back a ways. We went to the same high school. Both of us joined the military, and both of us left. It was... a special situation. Neither of us are cowards, Shote especially. Leaving the military was one of the hardest things he ever did. He... fit there. Fighting and proving himself was his element... he felt normal there."

"The government created people like us during a project 20 years back. Shote and I are by-products of that project. We weren't original supers but we got ourselves caught messing around in one of the old facilities. There was an accident... and we got our powers. Recently there has been a lot of anti-super sentiment going around. When the government first started pushing the issue, the military was the first to respond. Even after working with us for years, our own comrades tried to take us out, but took pains to make it look like an accident. That's why we made it out alive."

"After what we'd been through Shote became very brooding. He wasn't always like he was now... he actually had a sense of humor, and could act like a human being." I said these last words with a smile.

"Shote and I couldn't abandon each other. We were the only ones who could sympathize. So I decided that I'd have to put up with his attitude but he'd have to put up with mine... a humorous, witty, somewhat sarcastic attitude. We push each other's buttons sometimes... but we never mean any harm..."

There was sympathy and understanding in Allison's eyes as she looked at me. I could feel a mood building and tried to take advantage of it. I leaned down to meet her tilted face and was about to kiss Allison when I heard the worst voice I could think of.

It was scary guy... also known as Allison's father.

"I'd stop right there if I were you boy."

Oh no.

The End

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