The CallMature

I hung up with Shote, taking a deep breath. Man, that guy had attitude. I finally stabled my breath and decided to try to make the call.

Holding my breath as I dialed the number the Shote had given me, I heard a familiar voice answer. Not again.

"Daddy." I said, my voice cracking. "Cole's hurt. We're about fifty miles north of Plastron's. Please come quickly! And his partner Shote is at the north hills, also badly hurt." I said it all in a rush, all in one breath.

I heard my father hesitate on the other end of the phone. The simply, "I'll send some men."

Pretty nonchalant for someone who freakin out over me just a couple of hours ago. I tried to call Shote's number again, but he didn't answer.

I was starting to get worried for both of them. I looked down at Cole.

"Should I call an ambulance?" I asked.

He quickly shook his head, and I could see the pain it brought him. I couldn't stand it. A tear ran down my check as I grabbed his hand. It was all so overwhelming, and he was the one that was trying to explain it to me.

"You can't die now. No!" I cried.

My vision blurry, I saw him sit up, perfectly healthy. I felt a smile on my lips as my world went black for the second time that day.

The End

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