Peace, something thats been denied to meMature

With that loudmouth out of the car, I gave the traditional bro thing to say," Good luck." I didn't really say it with any true intentions of him getting the girl, but it would be interesting to see if he thought I would actually wish him luck.  I drove off up towards the hills north of the city, the road was old broken and well if were a person it would be an decrepit man.  Something that would happen to me if I didn't die when I'm young. Well that's what Cole said.  I didn't usually bring people up to me to this place of mine, because it was my place for peace, not that I ever got anywhere between my past, and my current work, but its the closest, tangible thing I could have to peace. The only reason Cole new about this place is because like any good detective he followed me, although I did notice early on I decided on letting him know since he is my partner.

The tires squealed a little as I hammered the accelerator drifting around a tight corner.  It was also a place for me to get an adrenaline rush without getting myself in a fight. The car started to slide out of the next corner I let off the accelerator a little and break getting some weight on the front end as I accelerate again quickly getting myself out of a sticky situation.  Once I reached the top of the hill I was sweating a little as I got out of the car and leaned against the hood, lighting up a cigarette. For a while I watched the calm glow of the orange slowly sneak its way down the cigarette with every exhale. I didn't care if this crap was going to kill me, I think my job is presents a greater health risk anyways, and what was the point of prolonging my life? I'm just an angry midget that's seen to much. Although that doesn't mean I don't like living, I just didn't want to become like this road.   Speaking of it while I was enjoying my cigarrette a pair of headlights was making it's way up here.  Guess somebody else had a claim to this spot, I started considering attacking them but something told me that wouldn't go over to well. 

The headlights stopped a few meters back from the car, and the clanging of the door filled the cool night air, a expression of annoyance quickly flickered across my face which was also romantically lit by the orange glow of my cigarette.

" Shote is that you." A voice from my past filled my ears.

"Thomas?" I growled with the dart still in my mouth," What the hell are you doing here? How did you find me, you annoying bastard?" 

"Woah, can't an old friend find an old friend?" He said defensively raising his hands as I turned around to face him. Thomas was a foot taller than me, but about the same stature otherwise. He had cold blue eyes but a friendly smile. He was, and still is to my current sources military personnel a non super who played a large roll working with squads of supers during the war. 

"I don't recall having any old friends." I growled throwing the butt of the cigarette to the ground.

"Oh come on don't be like that." He complained," You act all tough and defensive but you saved my ass when the going went tough."

"Yeah, because pulling your dead ass off the field seemed like unnecessary work. Why did you come here Thomas?" I didn't hate this man, and I guess he could be considered a friend, if I were still in the military, but I'm not and distrust anyone who still works for them.

" Whatever same as always I see Shote.  I meant to get a hold of you a month ago but you made yourself very hard to find."

"For good reasons, you people took a hardline against people like me after the war. That's why I left before it ended."

"Yeah and your lucky I'm not here to get you taken in for abandoning your post."

"Yeah because you wouldn't. Speaking of which I'm surprised there isn't a group of men with guns following you around." I responded.

" It was foolish of me to think you would act civilized to anyone since you left." He mumbled irritably," Well I guess since this isn't going anywhere Shote. I mind as well as speak the truth to why I'm here." He began but it was already apparent to me he was something was up I got down as a flurry of bullets came from his cars.  I rolled and threw one of my knives at him, he was quick enough to block it."

"You bastard Thomas, I knew something was up, but killing me! Fuck you when did you get this cold!" I yelled sending a charge at him. Which surprisingly had no effect as he raised his hand as if he could block it. He gave a cocky smile as the electricity was absorbed to something on his waist.  I brought down a kick which he jumped away from, more bullets spattered the ground.  Fine if thats the way they want, I rushed towards his vehicle  jumping on top of it summon a great amount of charge. It began to circle around me as I flipped off directing a blast of it at the car, dodging another flurry of bullets.  It didn't matter what kind of device they had to stop me from killing them with my power because this had the same potential energy a bolt of lightning had. The car exploded, quickly causing Coles car to be exploded as the top of the hill was covered in blue light quickly fading away as the thunder rolled in.  Thomas looked a little bruised up but was still eager for a fight as he charged towards me.

"Come on Thomas, give it up, your no super, you no match for me with a squad of men let alone yourself." I said throwing my knife at him he dodged I whipped it back. He was smart enough to  roll. I sent a current of electricity at him but that device seemed to be still operational.  I threw my other dagger as the other one reeled back to my hand, he pulled out a gun, which luckily for him deflected him knife, but unfortunately  for me forcing him to shoot, the bullet skimmed over my shoulder. Without further ado I jumped to the side and threw my other knife again which wrapped around his arm. I Pulled him towards me while zapping him. The Device seemed to be working seeing that he wasn't getting fried but he fell face first into the ground, and  sunk my second knife into his left shoulder bone.  He grunted in pain, he was a good shoulder, to very end.  I rolled him over removing the gun from his hand.

"You lose. Who sent you here Thomas? Better spit out quick, you know what happens when I get impatient with little shits like you." I growled kicking his gut. He just smiled. 

"You played right into their hands Shote. Four years and your as predictable as ever!" He said smiling, I kicked him in the face this time angrily.

"Did they send you. Did those bastards from the military send you? I want to know Thomas. The least you could do for an old friend who saved your worthless hide several times is tell him who's trying to kill him. Or did they make you like me? A heartless sonovabitch!"  I yelled grabbing his shirt now, and that smile was still worn across his face.  a beeping noise was emitting from the device, I looked at it , and quickly saw that it wasn't only some strange device to counteract my power, but as well as a bomb.

"Shit!" I dropped Thomas and bolted, five seconds later, it went off and I was hurled a good twenty meters, and was slammed up against the ground, blood spewing from my mouth as I continued to tumble  down the hill.  I hit the cracked asphalt hard winded,  bruised, and couple of broken ribs. I think the explosion had damaged a couple of organs but the internal bleeding was minor, and I would live as long as I got treated in the next couple days. Gaining my breath, and trying to regain my composure I reached for my phone which seemed to miraculously survive a lot broken screen and flickering lights, the voice recognition worked and I phoned Cole.

"Hello!" The girl answered in a frantic tone I was to beaten up to give her heck for answering Coles phone so I got straight to the point. 

"Where's Cole." I gasped.

"He needs help! He was shot but I er."

"Shutup." I gasped but it looked like I could still be angry while injured," calm yourself done. Where are you?"

"I, I I, I haven't looked yet, after getting shot we just ended up here." She said slowly going back into freaking out voice.

"Would you shut up for a moment." I breathed in and out," This is Cole's partner Shote, whoever you are, could you phone our Headquarters by holding two and tell them that you are with Cole and he got shot. While your at it tell them his partner Shote. Me is at the north hills and badly injured. Also I advise you find out where you are before blabbering nonsense at them." I said strongly for someone who could hardly breath," Have you got that?" I said harshly.

" I er think so."She said still sounding frantic.

"Good." I hung up by dropping the phone against the ground. I was breathing heavily and I could hardly feel the pain meaning I was in shock meaning I was losing a lot of blood, which meant if I lost to much I would die. I don't like dying so that girl better get a hold of HQ because I was incapable with my phone its condition. If she didn't get a hold of HQ I was going to haunt her to death!  Darkness was starting to line itself around my vision, I hated this part, it was like a really annoying book with to many cliffhangers. Would I live or would I die? 

The End

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