I'm expecting a call.Mature

So after big dude came in and started screaming at us, Shote and I did, the expected, manly thing to do.

We ran.

I drove last time, which meant that it should have been Shote's but I took the driver's side because I knew how Shote drove when he was mad. I ignited the engine, and eased out of the parking lot. It was after I had been driving for a fw minutes that I asked,

"So where do you want to go?"

Shote didn't answer immediately, but thought it over and eventually uttered

"Let's go to the hideout." I shook my head.

"No can do partner." Shote's head snapped over to me,

"Why not?" I mimicked a phone with my right hand and said

"There's no cell phone coverage there." Shote narrowed his eyes,

"Yes... and? Isn't that the point of having a hideout? Somewheres where you CAN'T be reached?" I gave him a sidelong look then sighed and said, "I'm expecting a call." Something happened then that rarely happened, and when it did it was... not something you wanted to experience again.

Shote laughed.

"You really think that the girl we found is going to call you? You honestly think that you're goingg to get a call from a gir-"

Shote was interrupted by the sound of my ringtone. I flicked on my right turn signal, pulled off the road, shot Shote a glance and flipped open my phone.

"Hello this i-"

"What's happening to me?" There was no mistake. It was the girl, and she was crying. It didn;t sound like she was hurt or in any danger... but standard protocol demanded me ask "Are you all right? You aren't in danger or injured are you?" A few sniffs and wavering "No. No I'm fine. It's just... something weird just happened." She explained a situation in which everything she had imagined happening had actually happened. It seemed she had moved a chicken out of the fridge, and started cooking it without even looking at any of it. My car shuddered as vehicles passed it at high speeds... I made a quick decision and asked another question, "i'd love to help, I'm just not in the best of places for it. How about we meet at Plastron's? Is that close to you?"

"The restaurant?"

"Yeah the one next to the library."

"Yes I'm close."

"Alrighty. Meet me there in say... 10 minutes? I'll buy you some dinner and we can talk ok?" Shote rolled his eyes, but I stuck out my tongue as the girl answered "Ok." I said goodbye, hung up and began to drive towards Plastron's Diner. "You can take the car and go somewheres." I told Shote. "Just don't leave me there too long ya hear?" Shote didn't answer, which was kind of a mixed blessing. I parked, and we both got out. I went for the diner and Shote went for the drivers seat.

""Good luck" he called, and I wondered how he meant it. I saw him drive off through the window and I then turned my attention to the attendees. I spotted the girl from earlier, put on a smile, and made a bee-line for the table.

I sat down, motioned for a waiter, and we ordered. She ordered shrimp and I debated ordering chicken. As if she knew what I was thinking she said "Go ahead. I don't care."

I looked up at her, shocked... could she read minds? "No. Not in the way that you are thinking. I'm just good at reading faces and intentions I suppose. Something my dad taught me." She laughed as I shuddered at the mention of her father and when the waiter left I began the conversation.

"Let's pick up where our earlier discussion ended. My name is Cole. What's yours?"

"Allison. I really appreciate you coming down to help me." I shook my head. "Not a problem. So you had a odd experience today. Have you ever done what you did today before?"Allison shook her head.

I mused out loud, "It's possible that you were born with these powers, but they would have manifested themselves in some form way before this. Have you drunken or eaten any suspicious consumable goods?" I could tell from the moment the question left my mouth that that was it. Her face grew worried, then shocked, then guilty. "yes. I-... There was this little vial in a box in my dad's closet. It smelled good and it almost hypnotized me into drinking it."

I nodded. "A super-syrum. Those often come in out-dated containers like vials... it adds to the mystery of the whole thing, and I have heard of some syrums exhibiting the same "hypnosis" effect you described."

She looked up at me after a long pause then said verrryy quietly, "Do-Does that mean I have powers?" I nodded, and Allison looked both excited and morose at the same time. "If you ever want lessons in discovering and using your powers... I'd be glad to help." She looked at me and smiled. "I get the feeling that your offer is less about your goodwill and more about getting a date with me."

Ummm. "What would give that impression?" I asked, carefully keeping a tremor out of my voice. She smirked, it was sexy and scary at the same time. Fascinating.

"Most detectives don't leave their phone numbers in their suspect's pockets." I thought fast trying to come up with something. "That's a standard procedure!" i squeaked out. "In case you needed to contact with questions... and it looks like I was right in doing so!" She laughed.

"So you put your phone number into the pocket of every girl you meet?"

Gosh she was good. I started to protest but that was when I was struck in the shoulder by something that felt like a bullet. But then again, it could have been a rock, or something... it was very hard to tell when it hit you at many miles per hour. I began to fall to the floor and Allison screamed. She reached for me and many odd things happened at once.

Number 1: The bullet began to extricate itself from my body and the wound began to close.

Number 2: The world started to shimmer, and then it was gone. When it came back, we were no longer in the restaurant.

"I think you may have discovered some more powers" I said weakly. Even though the wound was gone, my body had already entered "Self-Preservation mode."

Which meant basically it was telling me that I should not get hit with bullets, and it thoughtfully made me black out.

How kind.

The End

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