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We loaded the mystery girl in the back seat of the car. Even unconscious she was kinda cute. I smiled ruefully and shook my head. It was unlikely we'd even see each other again when, if, she woke up. Still... I looked around me, Shote was directing traffic around us. I pulled out my notebook, scribbled down my cell phone number, and stuck it into her pocket.

Smooth huh?

I shut the door and jogged around to the driver's side. Shote got in the other door and I ignited the engine. We sped off, destination HQ. I thought of what would happen to the girl. She'd be questioned, maybe held for a day or two, but nothing too bad. Heck if she was any good we may even be able to recruit her.

We arrived at the bunker, and Shote carried the still unconscious girl inside. Lucky. We brought her to the examination room and waited with her until she woke up. She took a look around and began to tug at the bonds holding her to her chair. When that didn't work She glanced at the lamp on the table and it began to rise. I stood quickly and grabbed the lamp, pushing it back down.

"Whoa there, let's just calm down a bit ok? We're not going to hurt you, and this is the only source of light in here, so let's try and keep it working. The girl looked at me and smiled tentatively. Then she looked at my scowling partner and her smile disappeared.

"See I told you your face was scary Shote!" She laughed this time and Shote's frown deepened. "Ok we're going to ask you some questions. There shouldn't be any trouble just answer them as honestly as you can."

I cleared my throat and began to shoot off the questions.

"Ok first one. Are you single?" She looked at me for a moment trying to gauge whether I was serious or not. I looked at Shote who was staring at me with raised eyebrows too. I shifted a little and said, "Ok then. I guess we could start with your name and age."

"My name is Allison Addler and I'm 16."

17? I thought. Not bad. I'm 18 and Shote was 19. How did we land these jobs you ask? Well we're special. We have powers. We investigate the stuff that no one else will believe. But anyways... 16... hmm.

I looked up at her to find her staring at me expectantly and worked my way to the next question.

The End

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