The GirlMature

"So what did you find?"  A burly man that looked to be his mid 40's asked the two as I looked generally disgruntled.

"Monsters, a lot of them." Cole said plainly.

"Yeah. lots of monsters." I said bored. The man was our boss he was good friends with the founder of this operation, who I was yet to meet in person, probably for the better he was probably boring anyways. Our boss's name was Louis, and like us he is a super, but he wasn't anything special he just had super strength. Super original huh, well I wasn't much better I was electricity but hey atleast mine had some flash.

"Is that all you two have to say?" He asked in an irritated tone. This was a common occurrence, I hated talking a lot, and Cole was in delicate words a pot stirrer and like to make events unfold, and he never got bored of it, unlike me I guess who got to use to the all to familiar comedy routine. 

"Well Louis, there isn't much to say, in the ruins of the military installation we found a group a monsters. I think they there because it may have been a previous injection site, and they remembered the place. So they made their way there, and occasionally the attacked our current victims. We didn't find any traces of their bodies, my best bet was they were eaten, we also killed the majority of the monsters there. Is that good enough?" I said in a bored tone, getting looks of surprise from both my partner and my boss. They stared for a few more seconds before I snapped, " Hey if there isn't any more jobs I'm outta here." I said making my way to the door.

"Hang on there Shote, this came in an hour ago. Some an appearance of a new super, who seems to have lost control of their powers. Find them, and bring em here for evaluation, if they have already turned, kill them."

"Where were they last spotted?" Cole asked.

"On south Keraring street, but reports says subject has a teleporting ability."

"Oh, sounds like a road trip!" Cole said excitedly patting my shoulder," Do you have everything packed sonny?"  I removed his hand with complete glare of contempt.

"Cole, Shut your festering gob!" I said loudly walking out of Louis's door.

"Oh and boy's here's a picture of our person." Louis said.


Much later in my car Cole and I roamed the streets looking for this girl, what a pain, why did we have to search for a teleporting super? Like why not have a super who turned into Godzilla roaming the streets.

"Hey can you even see the road from that height?" Cole teased.

"Of course I can I got my license!"  I yelled swerving out of the way of some idiotic truck driver who stopped for no apparent reason. Well that's until we came around the other side to which Cole shouted.

"That's her!" I stomped on the breaks skidding across the road narrowly missing the girl as she stood their ominously. She wasn't a monster but she wasn't conscious either. Cole ran out of the car like a badass running towards the girl who raised her as if to stop him, he was sent backwards.

"Oh and telekinesis to boot." I muttered angerly taking a much less civilized approach as a threw one of my knives around her. She stopped the first one but didn't see the second one wrap around her legs.

"Gotcha."  I said giving her enough electricity to stun her.

"Cole Take care of her, I'm going to park the car."  I said  Retrieving my knife.

Once I got back Cole had decided to drag her off near an alleyway the street wasn't to busy but obviously the guy had no qualms making us look creepy. Not that I cared, people didn't know who I was and it was better they didn't anyways.

"So no signs of turning?" I asked.

"Nope, Its hard to say what was going on but she wasn't conscious of her behaviour I think." Cole replied.   I heard her get up and we both turned.

"Hey!" I said but she fell again completely unconscious.

"Oh good job you and that ugly face and frown of your made her faint." Cole said.

"Shutup." He shrugged.

"Guess we should take her back to the bunker, before she see's that mug of yours again."

"Whatever let's go."

The End

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