Alls well that doesn't end with me deadMature

"So Cole, do we run or stay?"

I laughed when he asked me that question. I mean, would he really listen to me if I said run? No. He'd laugh at me, call me some explicit names, and never let me live it down. So I opted for the easier path: Facing almost certain death. I drew my my Wilson CQB Tactical LE and my Wilson X-TAC handguns. Due to the... ever-changing nature of my power, I required weapons that could be easily concealed. So I went with two combat pistols and two GI USMC combat knives.

Shote nodded, the approval in eyes a rare occurrence. We both charged as I fixed my knives into the nifty bayonet attachments I had had created for my pistols. A monster lunged at me and I stabbed forward with bayonet, catching it in the stomach, then I pulled the trigger. The thing with the bayonets was that while I could use the knives and pistols at the same time, they weren't as manuverable, but they did have extra leverage and a gave me an extended reach. 

One of the fiends was sneaking up on my partner, but I dropped him before he was able to bring his claws down on Shote's back. Blood spattered everywhere, but it wasn't mine. The monsters numbers were dwindling and they began to retreat. I spun and leapt at one of the cowards, tearing his throat out with my jaws. Shote took a few more down with his lightning, and then... it was over. 

I smiled at Shote who gave me a repulsed look, and I realized that I was still a monster. I slipped off the shoes, and as I began to change back Shote tossed me my own.

"Looks like we sent em packing" he crowed. I looked at him and said "We?WE? I think you mean ME." How many did you take down? 4? 6 or 7 at the most?" Shote looked at me disdainfully, aware that I was goading him. "Yeah well at least I did it with clothes on" he shot back. "Yeah? You're just jealous of my body."

Shote looked at me and simply said "F*** you." Then he began to head for the car.

I laughed. Without Shote, my job would be incredibly more boring.

The End

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