S.P. Investigation or Hmmm(Working title)Mature

In a world torn up by supers, and the government decides they hide their mistakes, and destroy all supers. During this purge, a private investigative team is drawn into some strange appearance in the realm of supers. as well as increasing numbers of Monsters. Monsters being supers who lost thier will to the power inside them.

"Hurry up Cole!" I yelled annoyed, why did he have to show up late. He knew I hated waiting, actually I hated a lot of things, but he had a good idea of what I hated.

"Hey hey, I'm sorry I have a life and you don't." Cole replied with a smile, pissing me off anymore, whatever though, no point in continuing I would just get annoyed further.

"Shut your mouth. Did they tell you what were looking for?" Shote asked started to walk through the abandoned military base, much of the concrete walls had crumbled away and old metal supports stuck out everywhere but other parts were still standing.

" Nooo, they sent me here because they thought I liked looking at old trash piles with an angry little punk like you. Of course I know what were looking for!" Cole shot back with a devious smile. Man this guy pissed me off but I liked his company more then anyone else. Everyone else whined and moan about my bad attitude this guy stood up for himself, he was tough, and I hate to say  it was funny despite the snide comments about my height. Hang on a sec he did it again.

"What did you say about my height!" I said irritably sending electric currents down my limbs. 

"Oh nothing." He said calmly.

"That better be the case."  I growled walking down a set of stairs.

"You think their down there?" Cole asked seriously.

" Nah, I need to take a piss."


"NO! But I already checked the surface for anything strange and found nothing, so I'm heading down here."

"Your sure you didn't miss anything, you are pretty short." Cole said coming after me.

"Shut up!"

Yup that was me and Cole, he was sarcastic and I'm easy to annoy, some people say its my hieght, those people usually get hurt. For as long as I could remember I have always been mad. I think personally its because since I could remember I was in the military because of my powers, no one would leave me alone. Once I gained some freedoms I just figured everyone was annoying, and as more time passed I figured everyone had their own agenda's and if you got in the way of that you were expendable.  After that I left the military during the super war and went underground with people such as myself. I guess that doesn't explain much whatever it doesn't matter.

Up ahead we began to screeching, and clawing, sounds of monsters, that explained why so many non supers were disappearing in this area. The two of us rounded the corner cautiously careful not to make to much noise," Wow, who knew the bread like rabbits?" Cole whispered in response to see the large mass of monsters walking around in a room that had to be a 100 meters long and 50 meters wide , almost completely packed in like a mosh pit, with human like creatures.  A part of me felt pity for monsters, they once were humans with powers, but the funny thing about powers was they affect you. Well that's people said who weren't born with powers, I never had the feeling of something eating away at me, tempting me to take more power. At least not they way they described it happening. 

What the scientist said happened was that if you had a weak will that the insanity and greed would eat away at you. I wasn't to sure why this happened after getting super powers but hey were only human, we aren't perfect.  If you couldn't fight it off eventually your powers would turn you into something inhuman, something that seemed mindless, but their had been a few times I had run into monsters that showed incredible intelligence.  Thing all monsters had in common was claws, incredible, strength and blacks instead of white for the sclera of your eyes. (Basically the white part of your eye)

"I don't think its breeding." Shote replied," Maybe this is where they all had their injections or however they became supers." I replied.

" You think they keep their memories?"

"It's a possibility, I mean no one can get a brain scan on the damn things, they are highly disagreeable." 

"Like yourself?"

"Shut up!" I said harshly and just loud enough for a long eared monster to detect us It howled loudly getting the attention of his friends, and pointing in our direction," Crap!" I said rasing my fists readying myself for a fight while cole grabbed me by the neck of my jacket and started dragging me from the underground.

"What the hell are you doing!"

" Somewhere open so we aren't cornered you idiot."

"Screw that! let me at em!"

"In a minute, besides we need to tell the boss we have a nest of monsters you can't be foolish enough to believe we can take them all out."

" Just watch me." I smiled giving him a nice little zap making him let go.

"Go up ahead. I have an idea, and if it doesn't work out, well sucks to be me." I said bringing my hands together as electricity began to build up around me giving a dangerous blue glow.  Cole nodded starting his way back up to the surface, as for myself I ran and tapped four different areas storing a huge amount of voltage. In the middle of the four areas  I stored a greater amount and once the rowdy crowd of monster arrived.


The who earth shook underneath me as a good amount of monsters were blown through the ceiling of this place or totally obliterated by the electric voltage turning them into ashes. I couldn't but to be thrilled as the storm died down ,and more of them came. Quickly I jumped through the hole I made to the surface with the monsters following me in hot pursuit.  I reached the top conducting a blast of electricity with the same power as a bolt of lightning as I made contact with with, several of its friends  collapsed around it as the electricity travelled. I ran towards Cole who was coming towards my little skirmish with these monsters. 

" Did you get a hold of them?"

"No to much electrical interference. I wonder how that could be!" He gave me a friendly glare. 

"Oh stop your whining!"   I replied taking my  knife out which was attached to a long black piece of metal for obvious reason as I tossed into one of the monsters torso.  A blue glow emanated from him killing six others that ran by that poor monster.  I brought the knife back holding it confidentially in my hand keeping the tip pointed at myself and the blade out so when I slashed it would be quick.

"So Cole, do we run or stay?"

The End

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