Sound (And its Relevance to Well-Being)

Common knowledge, opinion, fact and freethinking.

A science teacher poses the question to his ninth grade classroom. This is a question posed to students of every caliber; the science courses have not yet branched into specification.

"If a tree falls in the woods and there is nobody there to hear it, does it still make a sound?"

The question is indeed amateur, the answer being that sound requires an ear to let the vibrations be picked up by auditory bones which are finally interpreted by a brain as being the sound of a falling tree, but its mechanism is of further importance than meets the eye, or ear, as it were.

To break this down into its most basic form, every sound that we have ever heard has been vibrated from its source. The vibrations made by a cracking trunk, the swish of the leaves as they hurtle through the particulate matter we commonly refer to as air, the heart punching thud of its massive weight onto the solid ground, are not duplicated by any other cause on the planet. The vibrations of the trill of a voice would never be the vibrations of the screeching of tires on dry pavement. They must be filtered by a deciphering and differentiating tool to gather meaning and understanding to react to the situation.

A mind unclouded by bias or vendetta will understand that much of the reality in which we live is the interpretation of vibration. As stated, the movement of particulate matter creates a vibration as it encounters resistance in its environment. Matter itself is composed of an unimaginable number of atomic particles which move and hum. Though our eyes see a three dimensional world of various arrangements of particles which give off qualities such as hardness or wetness, softness or pliability, and our ears gather the vibrations of the happenings around us, we are sorely unable to see or hear the various occurrences beyond our capacity. Though we walk in our bodies made of up whirring, vibrating particles through our realm of enveloping particulate breezes, we are sorely unable to understand the depth of the effect of the most important vibrations within our control: the sound of our own voices.

It's been said in many teachings that the spoken word is a powerful entity. It has been the tool of curses and of blessings, words which bear little relevance in the daily musings of the average human being except in reminiscence of fairy tale. But these words have been given a definition. The utterance of a curse is the release of a vibration into the current of vibrations around us and is the same with blessings. The differentiation occurs within the mechanisms used to project the sounds and their source, connotation and inflection. Our emotions are released in our spoken word. The vibrations of words said in anger and frustration are different from the same words said flippantly, the proof is in the reaction of the deciphering tool which receives it. The inflection of the emotion which laces every comment as given via mouth is an entity of its own which provides yet another unconscious effect of the vibration released. It has specific effects of its cause. An unkind word is meant to scathe and rake its recipient and it does on the plane which is unable to be seen by the eye until it is manifested in the outward consciousness of the bearer. It is of great importance to minimize the effects of projected negativity not just for the sake of others who are affected but also for the benefit of the speaker.

When one considers that the words emanate first from their bodies, a projection of energy and breath, it is easy to see that the first affected being in the exchange of haughty words is the owner. When one also considers the damages that are presented when an entity is subjected to frequent bouts of unseen vibrations, the various cancers that are formed when the tissue enters the paths of such things as radio waves or low grade frequencies put off by electronics, one cannot deny the physical effects that vibrations are capable of. Furthermore, the fact that the projections of our embodied voices are first sent from our brains and that they directly affect the brain of another prove the constructive or destructive qualities of communication. Not only this, but the direct affectation of the human body in relation to the thoughts that it possesses are shown in the promotion of degenerative diseases in persons who have suffered and succumbed to mental anguish as playing a role in their daily lives. The fight or flight response that is activated in traumatic situations is shown to produce severe effects in a human that suffers daily from fear and anxiety. To surround ourselves consistently in thinking patterns which give birth to destructive thoughts and, in turn, let seep out of our mouths the products therein will inevitably lead to disease of the body and mind, even affecting the beings that it will come into contact with.

It is of great importance that we safeguard our minds and hearts from creating destructive thoughts within ourselves. It is of greater importance that we do not suffer to repeat the past within our minds. The torture that a soul suffers as delivered from it's own mind is of the worst kind, creating dissension and disease. The same is said of those who suffer the repeated attacks of the harsh words of another. The exercising of self restraint is but one of the many tools to counteract the negative radiations from our minds and mouths. Tapping into the extent of our understanding is required to analyze all situations and discovering the root of the cause therein. The application of our knowledge is of utmost importance in relation to our reactions to the vibrations that are occurring around us. Personal, mental health is in the hands, or voices, of the individual and the opportunity to deliver happiness and retain happiness is in the power of all humans.

The End

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