Chrystel: under the sycamore treeMature

We were in the white-washed wall of the hospital room once again. But this time was different, the anxiety was gone and in its place was relief. I was next to Vlad's bed, Liam was sleeping soundly next to Vlad, I had been quite demanding when they tried to place them in different beds. But Vlad and Liam needed each other now, especially after this nightmare was over.

I held Padhllum's head in my hands and gave him a kiss in the forehead, I was left alone in this world. The ambulance could not do anything to save Fenrir, who I was shocked to know it was Vlad's older brother after the autopsy. I took Vlad's warm hands in mine and pressed them against my cold cheek. This had been a strange day, but I was glad it was over and tomorrow's sun will be different from today's. I bend over his body and gave him a light kiss on his forehead, then I leaned over his body to bestow Liam a quick kiss. I turn to leave the room fearing nothing, unlike the first time, this time I knew Vlad and Liam will wake up and everything will be okay.

I stepped out into the lighted hallway, Lucy was leaning against the wall. She smiled at me. "Are you ready?" she asked me, she was holding a note pad, pen, and a tape recorder on her hand.

I nodded. It was time to fulfill my promise.


One year later

The snow was falling lightly, melting when it entered in contact with my car. Padhllum was stretched in the back seat eating some bamboo sticks we got earlier. I glanced at the mirror and watched Padhllum, a warm smile in my face. I was back in town for Christmas break from the university. Vlad and Liam were alive after the incident and they were as happy as ever. Breaker was behind bars, the court sentenced him to thirty years of imprisonment. Mr. Mizzy also turned himself in voluntarily, renouncing  his fortune and giving it between Vlad and myself. When my father went to jail I was still an underage, my dear uncle become my tutor until the day I would turn twenty-one. Last year was the happiest of my life, my uncle gave me the paternal love I was denied for sixteen years. 

I donated my part of my father's fortune to charity, and donate our mansion to open up a refugee for children. That was something Vlad and I visited once every month. Vlad was able to forgive himself and accept what had happened to Luca Markov wasn't his fault.

My car slow to a stop and I killed the engine. I took my jacket from the passengers seat and opened the door, I stepped out and was face with a beautiful park with many trees and flowers blooming. Some snow was covering the lawn and adorning it with whiteness, some of the trees had lights on them creating an absolutely beautiful and breath-taking ambiance.

"We are here Padhllum," I breathed, "where everything started." Padhllum nodded. The Abandon district was finally demolished and in its place a recreational and botanical park was created (part of the funds came from Mr. Mizzy's money). We started to walk toward the plaza, where a gazebo stood. When we were getting closer I saw two figures under a sycamore tree adorned with lights. We walked up to the figures of Vlad and Liam, when we approached they gave us a smile.

"Hey," I greeted, "sorry we are late." I gave each of them a tight hug.

"No, we were early," Vlad said, giving me a charming smile. He had definitely changed and I noticed he smiled more.

"Yeah, no biggie," Liam teased, "we were only three hours early."

Vlad blushed, he gave Liam a nudge with his knee.

"I am flattered," I said. Padhllum and Liam walked to chase the dancing fireflies. Vlad and I stood silent, side by side, watching our souls chase the fireflies, trying to snatch some in their mouth.

Vlad chuckled when Liam was trying to coughed the insect out of his throat. Padhllum was hitting his back with force.

"They will never change," Vlad whispered.

"I hope none of you do," I said in a soft voice, I turned my head to the starry sky, it sure was a beautiful night. I felt a warm hand closed on my hand, it was Vlad's.

"I think I found something over here," he guided me around the sycamore tree, shielding our view from Liam and Padhllum. He then stooped and retrieved a big gift bag from the ground. He placed the bag's laces on my hand, the bag felt heavy.

I eyed him, intrigue in my expression. He only smiled, how I loved the smile, it made his jade eyes brighter, especially under this carnival of lights. "What is it?" I asked delighted.

"I think you have to open it," he replied.

I reached inside the bag and retrieve a case, a violin's case. My eyes grew in amazement, I turn to look at him, a burning desire in my heart. He took the bag away, and held the case for me to opened it. I unclasped it and lift the cover, inside it lie a beautiful violin, with its polished wood shining, the strings were virgin and unused. The bow beside it was made of the finest wood and horse hair.

"A Stradivarius," I whispered. I gave up on music one year ago. I look at him, tears were forming in my eyes. "You used your money to buy me a violin?" Emotions filled me, my love for music had suddenly returned. I closed the case, Vlad placed it on the ground.

"Well, I had nothing else to use the money for," he said, kicking the grass. "Besides, I wanted to give you a gift."

I smiled. He reached for my left hand, my right hand reached to caress his cheek. Our bodies came closer for an embrace, our lips touching gently and tenderly for a kiss. That kiss meant everything for me, and I knew it meant the same for Vlad.

Only the stars were the witnesses of our loving kiss.

The End

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