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"I underestimated you Miss Mizzy," Breaker finally talk after a painful moment of silence. His face was still shaken but he was starting to gather composure. "Running and calling for help like the poor, weak, little girl you are." He sneered in my face.

"I suggest you keep your thoughts to yourself and give us what we want to know," I said with contempt.

Breaker scoffed, "the little blackmail you are trying to play on me isn't going to work," he sat on his desk and crossed his arms. "Vladimir must be dead for now, anything you attempt to do will be useless. Don't waste your time."

"Don't waste our time, Breaker," Lucy said, holding the tape recorder, "this is enough information to damage your reputation. You will collaborate or I will make your life impossible with the bad press I will charge on you."

"Please Lucy," Breaker jeered, "if it wasn't for me you wouldn't have the power and position you enjoy now." He sauntered toward us, his words and gaze were clearly on Lucy, "you owe me."

"I owe nothing to a low-life murderer," she seethed. "Where is Vlad."

He said the following words slowly, "I don't know, now out of my way," he shoved Lucy backwards. Her raven charged and pecked Breaker's head, he screamed and ordered Desoto to kill the raven. Desoto jumped to tackle the raven down, but Padhllum pawed Desoto's attempt. Padhllum cornered Desoto and with his paws strike Desoto's futile attempts to get near his master.

I reached for Breaker's holster and took his gun away. With unsteady hands I raised the gun to meet with his scratched face. The raven flew back to Lucy's shoulder, Breakers face was livid and pale. Lucy had admiration and shock in her face, she quickly turn around and locked the door. Padhllum had Desoto pinned to the ground, rendering him unmovable.

"Where is Vlad," I asked through gritted teeth. I inched the gun closer until it touched his forehead. He took steps backward, I followed him. My stare was set in his perturbed eyes, the coldness of my eyes pierced him.

"You wouldn't dare..." he muttered.

I raised my eyebrows in acceptance of the challenge. I cocked the gun and pressed lightly on the trigger. His face was contorted with fear and stress, his sweating increased. Lucy opened his drawers and started looking through his papers and files.

"Don't you dare!" he snarled at Lucy, but she ignored him and continue sifting file after file.

"You say another word and I swear I will pull the trigger," I said in an undertone, "you haven't answer my question: where is Vlad?"

"You will never find him if I die," he mocked.

"I found something," Lucy said, she was reading through a file, "the man who took Vlad is called Fenrir, his soul is a black panther called Lira," she read from a paper, "the Markovs murder was declared a cold case after one month, and guess who declared it so?"

I pressed the gun harder on his forehead. My eyes narrowed, hate was dominating my heart, hate and revenge.

"You are doomed Breaker," Lucy said, "we have everything to incriminate you and tie you with this Fenrir guy. We have enough evidence to put you in jail for a lifetime."

Breaker was sweating, he stood in his place frozen, looking everywhere for a way out. "Okay, okay," he finally said, "I will give you what you want, in exchange for your silence."

"Don't talk nonsense," I replied, my tone was harsh, a scorn cleverly hidden, "you are in no position to demand such things."

Anxiety grew on Breaker's face, "Fenrir most probably took him to his house," he said weakly, he describe the location of the place and gave the direction. Lucy jotted everything down.

There was a knock on the door, "Officer Breaker open up please!" the voice from the other side demanded. There was more than one people outside.

"Your luck is ending," Breaker said.

"Don't move," I told him, my whole body was shaking. I needed just a bit more time to get out of here and silence Breaker. "Tell them you are busy." More knocking and calling, now the knocks were harder and impatient.

"I won't do such thing," he said. "They will come in and they will lock you away."

Before I could answer the door was tore down, a throng of police officers filed into the room. One of them seized my arms and took the gun away, Lucy taken, the officer's souls were cornering Pahdllum and Desoto, growling at them.

"Take her away!" Breaker shouted, "they tried to kill a police officer!"

"Please stop!" I cried, "he is a murder, detain him, he knows where Vlad is!"

"We have evidence!" Lucy's voice was audible among the noise.

He laughed, but was quickly silenced when two officers seized him by the arm and cuffed him. "Wait, what are you doing?!" he tried to break loose, "don't believe in what they say!"

"Officer Breaker," an officer stepped in front of him, "you are under arrest for murder and extortion. You have the right to remain silent and refuse to answer questions, anything you do say may be used against you in a court of law. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you before any questioning if you wish.."

"What?!" he shouted, "impossible, I have not done such a thing!"

"We have the testimony of Mr. Mizzy to go against you word," the officer continued.

"And this," Lucy threw some files to the floor. The officer took the papers and read them.

"Take this piece of scum away," the officer said. They forced Breaker out of the room, he was shouting and calling names. In the office only remained some officers, Lucy and me. "Let go of Miss Mizzy and Miss Lehaser," he ordered.

My arms were set free and I scrambled toward the officer, "please we need to help Vlad, the murderer has him!"

"Calm down Miss Mizzy," he said, "your father explained everything, we will go after Fenrir now. We only need to get the whereabouts of this criminal."

"We have it," Lucy said, "we forced it out from him."

"Okay, you two stay here," he said, "we will send forces to Fenrir's house and rescue Vlad..."

"No!" I said, "I want to go to! I will go!"

"Miss Mizzy, I don't think you are in the right state of mind," he answered, "you are in deep problems, an underage holding a fire gun and threatening a police officer is severely sanctioned by the state."

"We will deal with that later!" I said, "Vlad needs our help now, he is going to die!" My eyes showed pleading and determination to be included in the mission.

"Very well, let's get going," he said. We ran to the police car and sped off toward Fenrir's house.

Hold on Vlad, please!


The End

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