Vlad: TortureMature

I didn't know how far Fenrir had driven us or for how long. The car skidded to a concussive halt, slamming Liam and I against the trunk's wall. I heard one of the car doors open and slam shut, then a pairs of footsteps outside. I held my breath waiting to see a knife or a gun, but it never came. Fenrir popped open the truck and eyed me with his one grey eye. Lira pounced upon the side of the trunk her yellow eyes glimmering with anticipation. 

"You first house cat," She hissed. Liam stood with resignation and jumped to the cold concrete outside. We seemed to be in some abandoned old building. Cobwebs and rusted old iron chains hung from the walls and ceilings. Fenrir snatched my wrist and wrenched me out from the trunk. He and Lira escorted Liam into a full metal cage, it looked like one from a carnival. It's barred door slammed on Liam's depressed expression. He gave me one more exacerbated look before laying on the cage's floor, crimson eyes shut. 

"This way Vladimir," Fenrir growled, yanking my arm to the middle of the eerily lit room. He threw me against a cold metal table as Lira circled me like a predator hunting prey, she had done this before. She crouched and jumped upon me causing me to jump back upon the table. She instantly withdrew as Fenrir clasped two leather restraints upon my wrists and fastened me to the table. I shivered feeling electricity run up my spine. Fear struck my gut and I instantly felt nauseous. Fenrir moved around the table methodically, he quickly removed my boots and harnessed my feet to the table. With me restrained, Fenrir and Lira visibly relaxed. 

"You know Vladimir, I have waited 10 years...10 YEARS! I watched you grow along with Liam, to become a man just like me.

"Shut up! SHUT UP!" I snarled, straining against the restraints. He paused and smiled. Out of his jacket pocket he withdrew that malicious blade. I clenched my teeth and tried to control my breathing. 

"Come now Vladimir, it's true. You hate the police as do I. You have no regard for authority, like in school. I relaxed against the table as a knot caught in my throat. Fenrir approached me from the right and tore away my shirt with the knife. Excitement fluttered over his face as he saw the wound he had inflicted and the half coagulated blood that coated my shoulder. "You've cheated death many times just as I have. So you see, you and I are not so different. It's all a matter of perspective." I shut my eyes and felt the warm sting of tears against my battered face.

"You plan to kill me now don't you." I half sighed, looking at his deformed face and eye. He looked almost hurt that I had said that. Lira jumped atop me, her front paws pressing heavily on my chest. I yelped lightly as her claws pierced my skin, drawing blood. 

"I play with my food first." She purred as a feline smile lit across her face. She opened her jaws letting a light growl escape, her golden eyes flickering and fangs as sharp as needles. Just as she went to clasp my throat she instantly jumped from the table and Fenrir's knife stuck my uninjured shoulder. Liam and I screamed simultaneously. Tears flowed from my eyes as I saw the knife was buried in my skin all the way up to it's hand guard. Warm blood pulsed from the wound and left me gasping for air. The pain was unbearable.

"I'm going to hurt you Vladimir! I'm going to hurt you like you hurt me! You should have died 10 years ago and now I'm going to return the favor!" Fenrir roared in my face. "Lira, grab Liam!" I looked weakly to the cage and watched as the panther drug Liam next to the table. Slowly Liam glanced up at me, his eyes looked like cracked ruby's. Fenrir kicked Liam sharply against his face, he flew across the room, yowling. I bit my lip also feeling his pain. "If your little soul here hadn't been a hero I'd still be able to see and be at least semi-normal! Killing your parents was my last job." Fenrir grabbed Liam by the scruff, sharp pain shot through my neck.

"STOP! PLEASE!" I cried in agony. "Leave him alone!" Fenrir tossed Liam against the table I was chained to, knocking the wind out of both of us. Lira crouched, shifting herself into a position to pounce on Liam, should Fenrir give the signal. He neared me with a twisted smile on his face.  He took my hand in his and clutched my index finger. With a sharp twist I felt my finger pop out of the socket and break. I screamed, my back arching at the agony. I slammed against the table watching as my vision began to close. My breathing fell shallow and reality slowly began to disappear. 

"No, no." Fenrir taunted. "I'm not done with you." A needle slid into a vein in my arm and chemicals pumped through my body. Energy flooded my body and I was again wide awake and still in an ocean of pain. "Lira," Fenrir said softly, like one would call to a loved one. Her ears twitched at her name but she didn't move. "Now," he said. Lira attacked, slamming full force into Liam. The two began a violent yet unfair struggle. Claws clashed, teeth gnashed, and blood spattered the walls like paint. Liam tried to fight back with all his will but the pain and injuries he suffered slowed his reflexes, making him an easy target.

Lira loosed a feral snarl and slashed her claws across Liam's face, sending him crashing to the floor. Blood seeped from his face and many other wounds. Lira slowly pawed in to take the kill, but stopped at Fenrir's command.

"Put him in the cage Lira, we have business else where. Besides I don't think they're going anywhere." Fenrir chuckled. Lira nodded and dragged Liam's half dead corpse into the cage. She slammed the door and followed her master into an adjacent room. I looked over to Liam, his majestic speckled coat stained with blood and slashes. 

"Liam?" I chocked. "Liam! Liam please, don't die! LIAM!" I sobbed and struggled against the shackles. "Liam, please! You're the only friend I've ever had. Remember all the great times we had together? Like when we played hide and go seek by ourselves in the park and you always won." I slammed my head against the table. "Don't die. Don't die! LIAM!"


The End

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