I subconsciously pulled a pen out of my pocket and began tapping it on the counter. My eyes danced around the room. An old man entered the coffee shop, shivering from the cold, snow flying into the shop. My eyes opened slightly. I stood up and walked to the counter, pushing a five dollar bill across the counter. A lady asked "wh-"

I interupted "A cafe mocha, make it fast, keep the change."

The lady rolled her eyes and walked into the back. Chrystel ran up to me and furiously whispered "What are you doing?!"

Chrystel crossed her arms, rage exploding onto her prior carefully controlled face. I asked "Did they, see you i-"

Chrystel yelled "YE- yes they did."

I took a deep breath and asked "I need you stare through the police stations window. Keep your eyes on the secretaries soul. It will stare back".

I tapped the counter and yelled "HURRY UP!"

The lady walked out of the back with my coffee and passed it. I snatched it up, her eyes going wide. She asked "Wha-"

I turned on my heel, replying "Shut up, I have a mi-" I yanked the door to the shop open, the wind silencing my voice. Chrystel followed me outside. I walked into the police station with my coffee, leaning on the secretaries desk. I asked "Can I speak to an officer?"

She answered "I'm sorry, only officer Breaker is in and he can't be disturbed." I slipped on the floor, my coffee spilling on the secretaries arm and shirt. She yelled and jumped up, trying to wipe the coffee of her arm. I put my hand on my mouth and said "I'm so so sor-"

The secretary mumbled "Don't worry about it." She walked into the bathroom, her soul following. Looks like Chrystel can come along. I waved at Chrystel. Chrystel ran inside, meeting me. I peeked down the hallway, no police here. Chrystel and I silently jogged down the hallway. I took my tape recorder out and knocked on Breakers door. He opened the door and I played the tape. Breaker gasped as his voice came out of the tape.  "YOU WILL STOP! We, are in an investigation. If you do not stop, I will look through your stories and see if one fact doesn't line up...If it doesn't, I will personally take you to jail." I clicked the tape recorder, it stopped. Breakers eyes went wide.

"So, do you want me to remind you about the investigations involved with extortion of the press? Or do I need to play some more?" I stepped forward, poking Breaker in the chest. Breaker, I'm giving you a chance, take it. He took a step back. I furiously asked "Now, where did he take Vlad?!" 

Breaker laughed "That crime is pocket change, small compared to everything I know." Good, he's talking, just a little more Breaker. He went on "I can't tell you where Vlad is."

I smiled and dug into my pocket, retrieving my cell phone. I touched the screen, skipping past most of our conversation. I hit play, his voice stating "I can't tell you where Vlad is."

Breaker, that's twice you have underestimated me. I asked again "Where did he take Vlad?!" Veins bulged on Breakers face. If he could, he would strangle me right now. Not that I'll give him the chance.

The End

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