Chrystel: Never againMature

I am saving the one I love.

The car sped out of the driveway and into its snowed surroundings. I was lying on the cold tile, my eyes set on the outside, wishing this was only a dream. The murderer took Vlad and Liam away, that was he wanted all along. I felt a hand lightly touching my shoulder, it was my father.

"Chrystel, please, forgive me," he begged.

I did not seek his approval anymore, all this time I thought I was unworthy of him, but it was otherwise. He was unworthy of me, he made me grieved for sixteen years, let me into thinking I was never good enough. I was wrong, I was too good of a daughter for him. I heaved from the floor, and stare at him, expressionless.

"You were always the perfect daughter, the daughter I always wanted," he continued, "I am so proud of you, I lov..."

"DON´T SAY IT!" I shrieked covering my ears. My father was silenced in utter disbelief. I shook my head, "I don't want to hear you."

Padhllum approached me and nudge me in the neck, "we have to get to Vlad and Liam."

I nodded, I stood up and look down upon my father. His regal and stern complexion had suddenly changed, he was now a pitiful sight. "Where did that man took Vlad?" I demanded, my icy cold eyes pierced his heart.

"I don't know, I don't know," he sobbed. "I... I never intended this to go so far. I only wanted to scared the Markovs and make them retreat from signing the deal. We were going to lose it all, Chrystel, please understand. I did it for you mother, I did it for you!" He reached for my hand, but I raised it away from him.

"Don't you dare bring my mother in this," I said through gritted teeth. "I will not allow your sins to fall upon her!" Mr. Mizzy, stood up weakly, his peacock soul stood next to Padhllum, his head was cast down, in regret. "What did you do to the Markovs?" My voice came out hurt, Vlad was unhappy because of me.

"Ten years ago there was this new businessman and he wanted to sign a contract that would bring us plenty of income, but the Markovs were my competition. The wealthy man chose them instead of me!" he said, agitation in his voice. "I didn't know what to do, after your mother's dead I was lost, we needed the money. You were the only person your mother left her wealth to, she didn't include me in her will, I could not touch your money and you couldn't claim it until you were eighteen. I didn't have any other option..."

"And you sent that man to kill them?" horror in my voice.

"No, I told him to kidnap their son, I thought that would force the Markovs to retreat from the deal," the father started to cry, "I didn't know he would go so far, I never wished for him to kill the family..." His sobs grew, nobody went to comfort him. Why would we?

Shame possessed my body, horror instilled in my heart. My thoughts were racing as I tried to find a solution to this problem, it was my turn to save Vlad. But how could I ever face him again knowing that my own father was the cause of his misfortunes.

"What is his name?" I asked. "Is he working with somebody else?!" My voice was out of control, all I wanted to do was leave this house, go away from him.

"His name is Fenrir," the father said, "I paid Breaker to take the case and declare it a cold case, I told him to keep an eye on the child... where are you going?!" There was apprehension in his voice as he saw me walk into the garden.

Breaker, I thought. Padhllum and I ran across the garden, my father's cried my name several times, but I let the wind drown his cries. I am never coming back, ever. I felt like an orphan, but I liked it this way.

In a quarter of an hour were crossed the threshold of the police station. The sudden warmth of the place ailed my cold body, I only had a jacket on. "May I speak with officer Breaker?" I asked the person behind the desk.

"Officer Breaker gave us explicit instructions to not bother him, if you have any problems communicate them to me, I am sure we can help you," she said. I turned on my heels and stormed toward the hallway, she was calling after me, warning me not to take a step further. Padhllum growled at her, and she sat quietly.

I read the plaques until I reached Breaker's name, I banged on his door. The door was violently open and there stood the massive figure of Breaker. "Miss Mizzy, what brings you here?" He asked trying to assuage his voice.

"Fenrir attacked us, he took Vlad away!" I burst, "I know you are working with him to take Vlad down, I only want to know where did he took Vlad!" He only stood there agape at my words, his lips moved but no sounds came out of his mouth.

"Where has he taken him!" I cried, a firm grasp on the officers shirt. Desoto appeared from behind Breaker, but Padhllum pinned him down.

"I don't know what you are talking about, I suggest you go home..."

"My father confessed! He told me you are involve too! All I am asking is the location," I loosened my grip, "please..." I added in half a sob.

He gently took my hand from his shirt and turned to the office, "I am sorry miss Mizzy, but your father must have made a mistake. Go home or I will have you detained."

"You can do anything to me once Vlad is safe and away from that monster!"

"OUT!" he shouted. Just then the woman who received me at the front desk dragged me out of the police station with the aid of two officers. They fastened a muzzle on Padhllum and tased him. We were thrown outside.

I removed the muzzle and cried on Padhllum's fur. After some minutes I felt a light tap on my shoulder, I turn and saw a blond woman.

"Are you Chrystel Mizzy?" she inquired, "I am Lucy Lehaser, a reporter for "The Local Journal" may I interview you on the murders you found?"

A reporter! "I need your help," I said, I took her hand and pull her into a coffee shop across the street. Her raven soul was perched on her shoulder. Once inside the coffee shop I told her what had happened on my house.

"What?! Breaker and your father are involved with the murders?!" disbelief in her voice. "And you need my help to get Vladimir out?" she asked.

"Yes, I will do anything, I just need you to help me force Breaker into telling us where Fenrir took Vlad. Afterward I can let you interview me all you want and I will answer any questions."

"Okay I will help you." she said. "The problem is, how do we make it to his office?"

The clock was ticking Vlad's life away, we had to hurry.

The End

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