Chrystel: Vlad's pastMature

I knelt next to Vlad, who was leaning on my bed. His eyes full of melancholy and suppressed anger. The longing to take his hand arise once again, but I dare not sit too close to him, afraid of showing my emotions. Pahdllum sat across from us and Liam positioned himself closely next to Vlad.

"I am sorry," I whispered. Empathy and understanding surge to my heart, how would I react if I saw my father murdered?

"At first I did not recognize him, but when he said my name painful rushes of memories came flowing into my mind," Vlad clenched his trembling fist. "A cold July ten years ago, my parents were back from a conference across the country. They were kind, honest, and worked hard for their wealth to give their family a good, decent life. I could not imagine who would want to kill them..." His voice trailed off at the thought of it. "They were having their meal in the kitchen while Liam and I were playing hide-and-seek around our house." Vlad rubbed Liam's neck with affection.

"The doorbell rang, at that moment Liam and I were hiding in the stairs. My mother went to answer the door, when she opened it I could only make out the figure of a tall man, he was wearing a long and black trench coat. He did something to my mother, something painful, she screamed. My mother's soul Kinera was pinned down by his black panther soul, both of them were screaming in agony, dying. Just then my father charged toward the man with a kitchen knife, infuriated. He drove the knife to the man's face, stabbing him in the eye. My father's soul, Talder, a timber wolf attacked the panther. The man made a guttural sound when he screamed, he released my mother and I saw what he had done to her. He stabbed her in the heart, she leaned on the wall and slowly slid to the floor, covered in her blood.

"I was petrified by what I saw, my father dropped to his knees and took my mother's body in his arm, crying out for her. Kinera was disappearing, leaving an azure mist behind. The murderer was holding his right eye, blood oozing from between his fingers. He kicked my father away from my mother, pulled the dagger out of my mother's lifeless body and stabbed my father. He gasped for air when the blade pierced his heart, Talder had stopped struggling and was just lying on the floor, defeated. The last I saw from my father were his lifeless eyes looking at the stairs, where we were hiding."

I found myself in the border of tears, my hand covering my half-opened mouth. Pahdllum had his head cast down and Liam was resting head on Vlad's lap. I saw traces of tears in Vlad's face, his voice was controlled, and his eyes were unsettling.

"He was calling at me, telling me to come out," Vlad resumed, "I was too terror-stricken to move. I hold my breath, afraid that the slightest of sound might lure him to our hiding. He had the dagger in his hand, with my parents blood dripping on the carpet. He spot us, a smile spreading in his face. Liam jumped from the stairs and clawed at the man's face, striking the other eye. He screamed, blinded, his soul was blinded for a moment too. That was when we dash for a secret passage that lead out of the house. We heard him order his soul to kill us, but we were gone.

He goes away, blinded. We went inside the house and called the police, before they arrived I bent over my dead parents and cried on their bodies." Vlad shut his eyes tightly, he was caressing something clasped in his neck. "This," he said showing it to me, "belonged to my mother." It was a beautiful necklace, with three pendants: a cheetah, a wolf, and a snow leopard, "I always carry it with me."

Liam snuggled his head on Vlad's neck. "Breaker took the case, when he arrived at the crime scene he was vexed. He kept shouting questions in my face, demanding for answers as to where was I and what was I doing." He closed his hand in a tight fist around the pendants."After hours of examination and searches nothing was found of the murderer. It was then declared a cold case."

"Until now," I said.

Vlad nodded, "I will avenge my parents, Chrystel." His voice was determined and strong. His eyes were glowing with ardent desire for justice. Liam's crimson eyes were bright. "My parents and all the innocent people he has killed."

I felt proud of him. Even after suffering from the death of his parents during his childhood he was still strong. How had he managed? I could only admire him. I finally lift my hand and placed it lightly on his cheek. He turn to look at me.

"I cannot let you and Liam go alone," I said. "I cannot let you do this to yourself. Padhllum and I will always support you and help you." Pahdllum nodded.

Vlad smiled, he then closed his eyes and shook his head. "Chrystel, I can't..."

Shattered glass was heard from the room just beneath. We were rapidly on our feet, Vlad ran to the balcony and peered through the glass. He saw the gates wide open, the bodies of the officers were bleeding on the lawn.

I read horror in his eyes. Liam was by his side too, he let a small growl, his hair bristled. I turn at Padhllum, he was snarling too.

"What is going on...?" my voice falter as I hear more shattering of glass, then a scream. "Father..." I said in a constricted voice. Fear claimed my body, rendering it unmovable.

"He is here, he is after us," Vlad turned just in time to see me open my bedroom door and disappear out of view, followed by Padhllum. Fear took possession of his body, "Chrystel, no..."

"Let's go!" Liam sprinted to the door leading to the hallway.

The End

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