Vlad: The Gate to MemoriesMature

Liam and I struggled to push through the vicious storm, trudging dutifully through the growing banks of snow. Not much further, I thought to myself. Liam raised his majestic head into the wind taking in long breaths of icy and cold.

“We’re close!” He yelled into as he picked up speed. I pushed my hands further into the warmth of my pockets and trotted to his side.

“Wow…” I said breathlessly as the storm parted to reveal a gem. The manor, or palace in my opinion, sat regally atop a slope. A long drive stretched from the street across its lawn and ended at a tall black wrought iron fence.

“Chrystel lives here?” Liam breathed in awe of the buildings size and majesty. I rubbed his speckled head and started up the drive. The closer I got to the white manor I could see the building was two stories tall and surrounded by fencing that enclosed a massive garden’s expanse.

“Which room do you think she lives in?” I said chuckling. Liam bumped my side giving me a scolding look. I shook my head and stopped before about 15 meters from the ominous gate. Standing on either side of the fence was a lion soul. This was the first time I had ever seen the imposing golden creatures. Each one stood as if it were a statue, not even acknowledging the occasional buffets of snow that piled up on their pelts.

“Come on,” Liam whispered and grabbed my sleeve with his razor teeth. I followed as we used the cover of the snow to mask our approach. The two cats eyed us as we reached the doors threshold. One with blue eyes turned its massive maenad head to us.

“What business do you have with the Mizzy’s?” It’s voice rumbled. I opened my mouth to speak but Liam butted in. He bowed before the Lion, who was about twice the size of him.

“We have business with the young Ms. Mizzy, it’s urgent.” Liam eyes met the Lion’s “It’s urgent!” The lion glared at us suspiciously as the Gates opened, two guards strutting military style in our direction. Each man stood aside his soul, they both held automatic rifles.  

“No one enters!” One of the men snarled with a foreign accent. The gates shut with a sharp metallic chirp. I looked to Liam then up at the guards.

“I’m sure if you just got Chryste-”

“SHE WILL BE ADDRESSED AS MS. MIZZY!” The other guard snapped in a fit of anger. “Now leave before we kill you!” Their lion souls crouched in anticipation. I got the message.

“Follow me,” I whispered to Liam heading down the road. After about 5 minutes I looked over my shoulder. Only the lions were at the door now, statuesque. I examined the house and notice that all one of the windows on the far right had lights on. Liam cocked his head as we tried to see who was in the room. We moved around the houses fence and stood at its edge just below the right wing of the house. The slider door had no curtains unlike the rest of the windows. We were just 20 meters from the window, only a fence and garden separating us. How in the hell are we going to get in this fortress? Liam seemed to be reading as he let out a light growl.

“Vlad, look.” His white and black tail flicked to a towering tree that was leaning on the iron-wrought fence. One of its gnarled branches was suspended on the other side of the fence, almost as if stretching to the balcony of the room. I gave Liam a mischievous glance and began to climb the slippery tree. Pain instantly shot through my shoulder. I faltered a bit as my vision began to waver and grow distorted with tears from the agony. No I have to continue! I reached torturously up the tree. I was suspended over the garden when footsteps crunched in the snow below. Suddenly one of the guards I had seen earlier marched into view.

I held my breath as he walked below me and onward around the perimeter. Phew! I looked back and motioned for Liam to follow; he shook his head but climbed behind me. Finally we had reached the balcony. I let go a silent prayer for getting this far and reached for the sliding doors golden handle. Liam and I quickly stepped in. Sitting face down on her bed was Chrystel, she was crying, heavily. At her side was Padhllum, trying desperately to comfort her.

“Father is so…so…UNFAIR! How could he make me lave Vlad and Liam like that!” She let out a repressed growl into her pillow.

“You did what you had to,” Padhllum reassured.

“I don’t know…Why does Breaker have a beef Vlad and the Murderer how does he know Vlad?”

 I took a step further into the room.

“Ask me yourself?” I said smiling. Chrystel and Padhllum’s eyes instantly snapped to me.

“VLAD!” she gasped. Instantly she jumped up from her bed and stood before me.

“How? You’re in no condition to walk all the way from the hospital to here!” Liam gave me the ‘I told you’ look. Before I could reply she embraced me tightly in a hug. “I’m just glad you’re ok.” She chocked. I nodded as she backed away. I walked across the room and sat upon the floor, leaning on the bed.

“You want to know how the murderer and I know each other?” I clenched my fists as the wound he gave me burned. “He murdered my parents, I was seven!” I shuddered remembering that cold July night. 

The End

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