A Reporter AmbushedMature

Everyone else had already gone home an hour ago, I had spent all night looking up cults that cut hearts out. Finding none, I gave up and walked outside into the windy day. Snow blew into my face, chilling me to the bone. I sighed as I ran twelve feet into the underground parking lot of the office, starting my car. Snow followed me, blowing into the underground parking lot. I stopped running, walking now along the concrete. My feet slapped, sending echoes across the room. I turned left around a pillar and bumped into something. Blinking, I stepped back seeing officer Breaker. I smiled and asked "Breaker, w-"

"You know exactly why I'm here! Stop writing!" His voice echoed across every wall.

Taken aback, I took a few uneasy steps back. Shaky, I calmly stated "It's not illegal for me to write."

My soul, a raven, circled above my head. I thought yeah, nice touch but I can handle this guy.

I crossed my arms and stood a bit straighter. I took a breath and tried to state "Listen, you can not stop me from pub-"

Breaker yelled "YOU WILL STOP! We, are in an investigation. If you do not stop, I will look through your stories and see if one fact doesn't line up." Breaker started walking towards me, veins popping in his neck. Now, I was actually scared of the officer. His soul walked out of the shadows. "If it doesn't, I will personally take you to jail."

I looked past his body and started to walk around him. He caught my arm, eyes drilling into my eye sockets. I violently shrugged his hand of and kept walking. Breaker yelled at me "This is your only warning, I will escalate."

I opened the door to my car and sat inside, locking the doors and keying the ignition. What a jerk, talking about how important the case is and then tryi- wait, he tried to black mail me! He's never done that to me before.

I drove out of the parking lot, seeing Breaker just staring at my car just like his soul. My soul rose above me, checking the surroundings. Good, it looks like no one else is out here. I'll get home without being followed.

The End

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