The hunter and the preyMature

The (snow) storm had augmented in strength, nothing was visible. Only a boy with a snow leopard, his white fur blending with the snow, where trudging against the fierce winds.

"It's all about the hunt, then the kill," repeated the deathlike figure next to Breaker. He touched, with a cold hand, a scar along his face, then caressed his eye prosthesis. The prosthesis were not connected to the ocular vein, it was mere ornament to make his face less frightening when dealing with his clients. Lira, his soul, purred in agreement. Two figures with their two quadruped souls were standing behind a building, leeward of the storm.

“It was way out of line to have three murders Fenrir!” Breaker clamoured, “Three innocent people died because you were playing with him."

“Since when are you so worried about innocent people dying?" Fenrir taunted.

Breaker was aghast at the sudden question, then articulated “You killed two of my officers!”

Fenrir jeered. “It is not my fault; they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. I only wanted the girl,” Fenrir licked his lips, a dire thought crossed his mind. “Moreover, their hearts fed Lira very well." Breaker shuddered at the thought of it. "The young girl seems very familiar, who is she?”

“Damn right she is!” growled Breaker, “Chrystel Mizzy, you must have seen her. Her face is spread across the newspaper almost every week! She is a treasure for this city, the “musical prodigy” of this century. Her father is a prominent business man, an important public figure. He donates enormous sums of money to our police station, so we can operate at full power.From all the people that could have gotten involve with the boy it had to be her.” Breaker's pulse was agitated, displeasure in his voice.

“And apparently she is a treasure for our lovesick puppy,” Lira mocked, her golden eyes glimmering with malice. Desoto sneered.

“You are absolutely right Lira,”Fenrir’ said. “I think its time we pay the young lady our respects.”

“No,” Breaker said menacingly, “you are not setting a foot near her. I promised Mr. Mizzy I would protect them. You cannot throw off the board my relationship with our benefactor!”

“But what is the fun if we do not have a bait?” Fenrir asked.

“I am warning you, don’t touch that girl!” Just then a mobile began ringing. Breaker fumbled in his pocket for it. “Yes?” He barked, “Who the hell told you release information of the murders?!” Breaker was furious, “Detain the reporter. Wait for me in the station.” He snapped shut his mobile, his brow furrowed in stress.

“Any problems, my good detective?” Fenrir asked, he had a serene face, his hands entwined on his back.

“Media,” Breaker muttered.

“It will be all right, you take care of the media while I take care of the boy.”

"You better know what you are doing, Fenrir." Breaker threatened. "I am putting too much in your hands, you have an unfinished job and that was more than 10 years ago!"

"Patience," Fenrir dawdled. "Let me enjoy from the suffering of my prey."

Breaker nodded curtly, and walked out into the storm with Desoto, addressing no departing words. More than once he glance back to see whether or not he was being followed. Fenrir, blind as he was, had developed his other senses almost to perfection. With the eyes of his dangerous soul, Lira, he was more daunting.

"Let's hurry, Desoto," Breaker said through the howling of the wind, "we have to silence nosy reporters before information of Fenrir is released."

"Sir, can you trust him after so many years?" Desoto inquired.

Fenrir was a hired assassin, he had killed multiple times for different clients. The story behind his blindness

"I don't know, but one thing I am sure of: This is a game for him now as it was ten years ago with Vladimir's parents. He hates to lose." Breaker then added, "he never loses."

Fenrir and Lira saw the two figures disappeared around a corner. Fenrir smiled, soon his revenge will be complete. They took away his sight and left a scar that disfigured his face, he took away their lives. Soon their son will join them, paying off the remaining debt.


The End

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