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I questioned the officer about the case, other then a few witneses, how many people he's killed an how. How can you let a journalist in and then not tell her anything? I need names, locations, the police that were there and more then the witnesses names!He seemed immune to my charm to say the most. I took a step back, thanking the officer. I walked outside to my car, fuming. I unlocked the door, sliding into my seat and started to jot down my story. 

The Gutter strikes!

Police say that a man with a scar across his right eye, has been gutting out peoples hearts! He is now being dubbed "The Gutter." Reportedly close to half a dozen victims have been claimed. Who are the victims? An officer has told me that they are not ready to release that to the general public.

I scratched my nose. I needed more info! Well, then again, there are the witnesses, wherever they are. I haven't interviewed them... make it up? It's gotta be worth the risk. Keep it simple, people believe the simple things easier.

Chrystel Mizzy was at a few of the scenes. She reportedly refused to give any comment as she hugged her boyfriend, Vlad Markov, tears filling her eyes. The chief investigator then told me that a press conference would be held later on today.

Am I going to far? How many people are going to believe the lies I'm putting out? I tapped my pen, thinking of the consequences. No, it's not like anyone has seen me before. It's not like I'll be hired to go live on TV. Besides, this is meant for the average person. So what if someone notices that I'm lying, it'll be buried before the next newspaper print comes out.

However, no press conference has been scheduled. How safe are our streets with a police force that won't take the time to answer our questions? This story will continue as it progresses.

I chuckled, the editor is going to love this! I keyed my ignition and drove my car to the office. I walked inside and met my editor. I gave him the paper. He smiled and stated "Good, this is something we can run! I'll get a camera crew out by the police station to film you saying your story."

I gasped "Wait, I thought you said this story wasn't big!"

He laughed "Well, murders happen all the time! But, he's killed more then one person it seems and you've given him a catchy name! Head out to the police station... I think you're cut out for this!"

I blinked as my spine froze.

The End

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